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Movie  Star  Spangles ~
Courtesy of Bobye Syverson

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 Magazine advertising from years past is one of the most exciting reference sources for attributing and dating vintage jewelry. These wonderful old ads illustrate how jewelry was worn, when it was made, and how it coordinated with the styles of the time.

Click on each picture for a larger view.


 Nancy Davis Reagan  1951


  This plastic fan necklace display box is very similar to the Deltah Pearls case shown at right>>>
It has a built-in stand, and opens to display a necklace on the cream velvet inside. It is marked on the back "Braun-Crystal Mfg.".
View    View    View    View

Jarmila Novotna, opera singer  1950
Deltah Pearls ad. 


Joan Crawford  1947 wearing a wide rhinestone bracelet.

Anna May Wong 1938 wearing a large headdress and flowers.

Barbara Stanwyck  1950 
The star points of light on the jewels are caused by using a screen on the camera lens. 


Lana Turner  1950

Ginger Rogers  1950

Gene Tierney  1950


Anne Jeffreys 1951 wearing a Boucher wrap peacock tail necklace in clear rhinestones.

Brenda Marshall  1942 
The pin is out of focus and I can't tell if it is a
weird flower or a critter!   View

Ad for Revlon Cosmetics 1951


Nancy Davis before she became Mrs. Ronald Reagan 1951

Bette Davis  1939

Esther Williams 1950


Lana Turner in "The Prodigal" made in 1955  This whole dress is jewelry!

This is the same outfit when it was on exhibit in New York.


This outfit is from "Samson and Delilah" worn by Hedy Lamarr. This dress was made from "Assuit" a material made in Egypt. It is little bits of silver colored metal clamped around the threads of coarse net.  I will guarantee it was very uncomfortable!  Close up view


Anne Baxter  1950
Could this be a dress clip worn on a rhinestone chain as a necklace?

Vera-Ellen 1951
She has rhinestones all over, even her shoes!.

Virginia Mayo 1951 
Look how similar her tiara is to the contemporary tiara pictured beside.


Elizabeth Taylor  1951
She is wearing a red rhinestone heart pendant necklace.

Coro ad 1951
"Bird of Paradise"

Diana Lynn  1951 
Dressed for a fancy dress party.  Caption reads : "Loaded with great hunks of costume jewelry."


June Haver 1951 
Stars on the necklace, and stars on her sweater.

Arlene Dahl 1951

Judy Holliday  1951 
Her dress is totally covered in black beads


Doris Day  1951

Doris Day   1951

Rita Hayworth  1951 wearing a flowers and bows pendant necklace similar to a paste brooch I have shown here.


Norma Shearer 1942 wearing a flower brooch, possibly an Iris.  Close up

Coro ad  "Three Feathers"  1950

Susan Hayward  1951


GINGER MORO is the author of  the magnificent book, "European Designer Jewelry". She was kind enough to share photos from her days as a Starlet, and a beautifully bejeweled one at that!

"Yul Brynner invited me into his dressing room on the Paramount lot when he heard me singing French songs outside his window. Turns out we both sang at the same cabaret in Paris, altho' 10 years apart. He sang Russian songs and I sang in French. He was charming, as you can imagine, and took that picture of me wearing the Haskell earrings. He had several gallery shows of his photography which was more than a hobby with him. He was a multi-talented artist."

  This picture was taken by actor Yul Bryner.  Shortly after this, Ginger moved to Paris for 16 years and got involved in the jewelry business. The white bead earrings are Miriam Haskell

The man being interviewed on the right was actor William Holden.  Ginger's black velvet dress was worn by Liz Taylor in "A Place in the Sun" (designer Edith Head). Jewelry is a strand of faux pearls tied with a matching black velvet ribbon.


Show in Tokyo 1960.  Left to right, singer Kay Brown, actress Jane Russell, and actress Ginger Hall.  Notice the rhinestone collar and earrings that Jane Russell is wearing.  Ginger is wearing a Ciner rhinestone pavé with pearls bracelet and rhinestone earrings.

Closeup of the 3 singers.

Ginger Hall and Jane Russell backstage at a USO show in Korea.  Ginger is wearing dangly Weiss rhinestone earrings.


 Olivia de Havilland  1942    Close up

This unusual necklace in a picture of Constance Dowling dated 1944 look so much like the one worn by Olivia de Havilland shown to the left.  It is possible that the photographer kept a stash of jewelry to fill in
necklines? We would love to know who made this little beauty! 

Barbara Stanwick  1942 
How I wish this was in color and that the pin was
clearer!   Clothes by Edith Head


Barbara Stanwyck   1942

Bette Davis wearing a patriotic brooch, 1942

Revlon Ad  1950


Alexis Smith  1942    Closer View

Ann Sheridan  1943

Eleanor Stewart 1942


Bette Davis wearing a bow brooch, 1942   
Closer View

Norma Shearer 1942
Says the man who owned this fabulous necklace, "It was made in 1938/ 1939 by Paul Flato of platinum, old mine diamonds, and yellow gold- the ear clips were modified by George Headley into a rather unsuccessful  matching bracelet- It is illustrated in color in "A Jeweled Garden" by Janet Zapata, pge107, and a further photo is in "The Power of Glamour"- What great fun-"

Maureen O'Hara 1942



Irene Dunne 1942   Closer View

Vivian Leigh as "Lady Hamilton" 1941

Coro ad 1950


Loretta Young 1952

Lori Nelson Cosmetic ad 1950

Jean Patchett in a Revlon ad for "Paint the Town Pink"
jewels by Eisenberg  1952


Virginia Mayo in an ad for Deltah Pearls, 1952.

Audrey Hepburn "Roman Holiday" 1953

Ann Blythe 1952
Black ribbon around the neck and a necklace!


Patrice Wymore  1952

Ava Gardner 1950

Joanne Dru  1950


Gene Tierney  1951

Elizabeth Taylor 1952

Elizabeth Taylor 1952


Claudette Colbert 1951
Ad for Lux soap

Paula Raymond 1951

Jane Russell  1951


ZsaZsa Gabor 1952

This is the only ad for Gabor jewelry that I have ever seen.  1952

ZsaZsa Gabor 1953


~ Movie  Star  Spangles ~
Courtesy of Bobye Syverson

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TO PURCHASE: You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.
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