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Jewelry by the Decade
Victorian through 1960s
What was popular and when...


VICTORIAN  1837-1901
For more information on Victorian Jewelry, click here
For more information on Victorian Jet Jewelry, click here

   VICTORIAN lady wearing elaborate vulcanite necklace and hair comb. Carte de viste marked on front and back "John Fergus, Largs".  View

   VICTORIAN lady wearing a portrait brooch, cut steel buttons and diamond earrings. Cabinet card size 4-1/4" by 6-1/2", marked "J. O. Herbert, Grand Rapids, Wis."

   VICTORIAN lady wearing a portrait brooch and a watch chain with a ring as an ornament. Cabinet card size 4-1/4" by 6-1/2" marked on the front "Younge, Over Glenn's, Franklin Square, Utica, NY".   View

   VICTORIAN lady wearing jet portrait locket on a black velvet ribbon and matching earrings. Carte de viste size 4-1/8" by 2-1/2", marked "Inskip Photo, The Cliff, Scarboro" with a Masonic emblem on the back.  View



VICTORIAN 18k yellow gold and Persian turquoise knot brooch, lovely detailed design on the front and two memorial hair compartments on the back. The knot was a Victorian symbol for unending love. This fabulous brooch is 2-1/4" by 2-2/3".   View   View   View   View    #V32572

VICTORIAN sterling silver gilt fern motif locket hallmarked Birmingham 1886. The locket, which has a pattern of stars and beading all around the edge, is 1-7/8" with 1" loop on 18" by 5/8" chain collar with total front drop of 4", amazing condition and in original fitted purple-lined 7" by 9" box. The locket is fitted inside to hold two photographs.    View   View   View   View   View   View   View   View   #V32080 

VICTORIAN 9 carat yellow gold, cameo and garnet long earrings with tiny foxtails, shaped flowers and leaves , 3".   View   View   #V33024


VICTORIAN onyx mourning pendant with seed pearls cross on the front, photo compartment on the back, engraved "Henry Fredrick Swan, 10 Sept 1842 obit 25 March 1908, loop is enameled "In Memory Of", circa 1908?, 1-3/4" by 1-1/2" with 1/2" loop. View   View   View      #V33052 VICTORIAN 15 carat yellow gold, blue enamel and pearl hinged bangle, circa 1860. There are six-sided asymmetrical stars on each side, outlined in blue enameling. A lovely hand engraved design outlines both sides of the front as well as both sides of the center element, ending at the sides by the hinge and opening with scrolls and flowers. Gold beads tip each side of the domed front.  The condition is perfect except for a VERY shallow 1/2" straight light depression on the back. The clasp closes firmly and easily, the pearls are all there and have a lovely sheen and the enamel is all in place. It is a size slightly smaller than the standard contemporary size of 7" at 6-1/2" with a 1-1/4" wide front and 1/2" wide back.. The finish is matte or bloomed not shiny, absolutely gorgeous.   View   View   View   #V33049 VICTORIAN 9 carat yellow gold set banded agate cross with tiny diamond, flowers at each station, marked "9ct" on back, a large 4-1/2" by 3".   View   #V33023  


 VICTORIAN hair bracelet in an open weave with gold stations and clasp, beautifully made, two hair portions unraveling on back, circa 1870, 7-1/4" by 3/4". This bracelet can be seen on page 28 of the A. Bernhard & Co 1870 catalogue of hair jewelry. Similar to one shown in the reprint of "The Art of Hair Work, 1875" by Mark Campbell, page 285.   View   View   View   Catalogue Page    #V31353 

VICTORIAN hair plume palette work brooch with seed pearls and curled wire work, table work hair frame and gold fittings, circa 1870, 1-5/8" by 1-1/4". Similar brooch seen in the 1870 Edition of A Bernhard & Co. Catalogue.   View   View   #V31354

VICTORIAN black and white enameled Classical urn motif brooch with glass covered hair compartment, circa 1840, some enamel missing, 3/4" by 1". Bell's "Collector's Encyclopedia of Hairwork Jewelry" page 94.   View   #V31385 


  VICTORIAN sterling hinged belt buckle motif bangle with floral engraving, hallmarks inside, 6-1/2" by 1".   View    View   View   #V24970

   VICTORIAN cut steel set in a flower motif: the necklace is 18" by 1-1/3", the bracelet 7" by 1-1/3".   View   View   View   View   #V25841

  VICTORIAN silver oval brooch with leaves and flowers, dotted edge, hair compartment on back, 1-5/8".   View   #V26456


   VICTORIAN Whitby jet hand carved necklace, very rare geometric design, 18" long and 5" front drop. The detailed hand carving in this is magnificent and it is in all likelihood a one-of-a-kind necklace.   View   View   View   View   View   #V31293 VICTORIAN lady wearing elaborate necklace and earrings set.  View VICTORIAN Whitby jet necklace, hand carved with decorated links and stations, one of a kind, 20-1/2" by 4". This necklace was seen in "Antiques & Collecting Magazine" page 49, October 2008 in an article about Victorian jet jewellery called Black Magic by Anna Marie Roos, Ph. D.    View   View   View   View   View   View   View   #V29822 



     VICTORIAN Japonesque yellow gold filled with rose gold overlay oval brooch with a parrot in a swing and a little girl in fur cap and collar photo on the reverse.   View   View   #V29577

  VICTORIAN watch bar pin with floral motif, extremely well detailed, 2-3/4".   View   #V26411 

  VICTORIAN gilt and silver locket, Aesthetic design with fan, bird and leaves, fitting on both side inside for photos, 1-3/4" by 1-1/3" with 1/2" loop.   View   View   #V31291



VICTORIAN scenic mosaic links bracelet set in rolled gold, 6-1/4" by 1". Each link has a different Italian scene created with tiny multi-colored tessera and each is a work of art. In all probability this would have been a souvenir of a grand Victorian era European tour.   View   View   View  #V33684

VICTORIAN carte de visite of lady wearing a lovely pietra dura brooch, marked in pencil on the back, "Jane Manely, niece of   ", photographer "W.W. Winter, Midland Road, Derby, Patronized by Her Majesty The Queen".   View   View  

VICTORIAN pietra dura white and pale pink morning glories bar pin with green leaves, simple but lovely setting circa 1890, 2-1/2" by 7/8".   View   #V32598


VICTORIAN silver and agates pebble bracelet with garter motif, 7" by 1-1/3" front and 3/4" band, engraved initials on the back "MC".   View   View   View   View   View   View   #V33615 VICTORIAN Scottish pebble style agate and sterling bracelets.
See Romero's "Warman's Jewelry" Ed. 3, page 47.
  VICTORIAN sterling silver and agate anchor brooch, extra large at 3" by 2", etched design on the silver fittings and original rope, has no marks but tests as sterling .   View   #V33070


      VICTORIAN mother of pearl set in gold brooch/pendant, 1-1/2".   View   #V26082

   VICTORIAN gold filled adjustable bracelet with red stones, etched design, 6-3/4" by 1/3".   View   #V26080

  VICTORIAN etched gold tone knot brooch, 1-3/4".  View   #V26561



1901 to 1919
For more information on Edwardian Jewelry, click here

    High necked blouses and upswept hairdos were a feminine look for the early 1900's.

  Dainty lavalieres are seen in many photographs of the early 1900's.

    A lovely small waist is ornamented with a striped belt and fancy buckle or sash pin.

 Sentimental hair locket may have contained the hair of a sweetheart.


10K YELLOW GOLD Edwardian lavaliere with aqua Persian turquoise center stone and seed pearls with fresh water pearl dangle, circa 1900, 1-1/4". The box in which it came to me has a note in an old turn-of-the-century script.   View   View   View   View   #Q29656 EDWARDIAN flower pin, 14 karat yellow gold enameled pink flower with pearl center, circa 1900, a dainty 1-1/8".   View   #Q32716  ART NOUVEAU gold tone and purple rhinestone 1" watch pin with a small hook on the back to suspend a pendant watch. View #Q25823


EDWARDIAN 10k yellow gold lavaliere with cabochon with faceted back long oval amethyst and pearls, circa 1900, 1-1/2", marked 10k on back, on a 14 karat yellow gold 17" chain.  View   #Q32760  EDWARDIAN 14k yellow gold lavaliere with center sapphire, pearls and seed pearls, illegible hallmark circa 1900, 1-5/8" by 1", marked 14k on loop, on a 14 karat yellow gold 17" chain..   View   #Q32759    Seed pearl starburst brooch, circa 1900.  #Q22923


  CAMEOS are such classic beauties. This one has tiny pink enameled butterflies on the corners of the filigree frame.  View   #U14728         EDWARDIAN 14k white gold filigree ring with keystone shaped rubies, size 5-1/4.   View   #G26300   DRAGONFLY and poppy sash pin circa 1900.   View  #Q19163


    14k enameled pink and soft yellow flower and seed pearl bar pin, 1-5/16". Circa 1910.  View   #G23230

      STERLING silver Gibson girl with golf club brooch, pierced star mark on back, 2-1/4".  View   #Q25874  

  14K EDWARDIAN yellow gold lover's know pin with pearl center circa 1900, 7/8"  View   View  #Q28567



For more information on DECO Jewelry, click here
For more information on FILIGREE Jewelry, click here


 DECO Germany green glass 1-1/2" pendant with marcasite basket motif.   View   #Q26163

  DECO sterling, carnelian and marcasite 15" by 1-1/2" drop necklace and 7-1/4" by 1/2" bracelet.   View   View   #Q26183

  EMBOSSED gold tone dress clip with carnelian colored pierced and etched stone, 2-7/8".   View   #Y26376


   NECKLACE golden colored faceted glass crystals in filigree settings on a 16" chain necklace.   View   #Y9517

    BLUE unfoiled faceted rectangular rhinestones on a silver tone chain.  View   View   View   #Y24308

    AQUA rhinestones set in gold tone 15-1/4" necklace.  View   View   #Y10994


  SNAKE silver tone and clear rhinestones snake wrap bracelet, marked "Patented" and approx 7-1/2" but is adjustable.  #Y24892

   CELLULOID hand painted and set with blue rhinestones 2-1/2" by 3-1/4" pendant on a blue grosgrain 32" ribbon.  View   View   #Q24870  

 TRANSPARENT glass seed beads strung on white comprise this 50" sautoir.   View   #Q21694


  FILIGREE silver tone filigree pendant with aqua and clear unfoiled rhinestones, circa 1930.  View   #Q26178

    FILIGREE silver tone heavily filigreed hinged bangle with melon molded cranberry center stone, clear rhinestones, circa 1930.   View    View   #Q25401

 FILIGREE Elf & Co silver tone filigree bracelet with clear rhinestones, circa 1930   View   View   #Q26160

Starting just before the turn of the century, lighter weight jewelry became popular, reflecting the advent of metals that were strong enough to support this style of jewelry making as well as the tastes for lighter fabrics in clothing. (Think of the white hand embroidered dresses worn by Edwardian ladies like these>>>


This filigree style continued and developed through the flapper era and into the 1930's. Sometimes they are plain filigree, and sometimes decorated with rhinestones and/or enameling.


      FILIGREE silver filigree links bracelet with blue and clear rhinestones, 6-3/4" by 1/2".  #Q26223


  FILIGREE silver tone 1-1/3" pendant with citrine-colored rhinestone on16" chain.  View   #Q23740     





      E.L.WEED (W in a triangle mark) filigree gold and silver colored bangle with pale yellow unfoiled rhinestone center, patent #1,933,576 circa 1933, 7" by 5/8". #Q26750 E.L. WEED, 1931
Patent No. 1,933,576
Edward L. Weed
  WEED E.L. Weed (W in triangle mark) filigree buckle motif bangle with aqua unfoiled rhinestone, patn #1933576, circa 1933, 7" by 1/2".   View   #Q27347


  DECO crystal faceted circles and rhinestone links bracelet.  View    View   #Q20947

 DECO embossed sterling and carnelian-colored glass "O's" bracelet, 8" long and each "O" is 1".   View #  Q24797     

   RIBBED CRYSTAL half-barrel shapes accented with clear rhinestone comprise this wonderful bracelet.   View    View   #Q20198 


 SIMMONS gold tone hinged bangle with cameo and carnelian cabs, 6-3/4" by 5/8".   #X25953

    DECO green and clear unfoiled rhinestones 7" by 1" bracelet. View View #Q25050

   DECO artificial pearl bracelet with rhinestone and apple juice clasp.  View    View    #Q19447   


 DECO black glass ovals with green and white enameled flowers necklace, 15" with 3" front drop.   View   View   #Q26158

  PURPLE gold tone double hinged adjustable bracelet with purple and clear rhinestones and matching earrings, circa 1930-40.    View   View   View   View  #Y26398   

GREEN faceted opaque glass 2-1/3" pendant on silver tone 16" chain.   View   View   #Q26166


    DECO sterling silver marcasite and black oval ring, circa 1930.   #G26010   $68.00

  RHINESTONE marked "CheckoSlovak" frosted glass and clear rhinestones brooch, circa 1930.  View   Mark   #Y24802   $65.00

 DECO sterling and marcasite ring with blue glass cabochon, circa 1930. #G50463 $145.00 


CZECH pink, blue and yellow glass seed bead twist brooch, 2-1/8".   View   View   #Q29110 PASTEL glass seed bead and florets brooches, set of 2, 1-1/4" and 1-3/4", patn 206696.   View   #Q29111 CHEERFUL multi-colored glass beads pin, 1-1/2".   View   #Q29112





HASKELL Hess set of cranberry glass beads and clear rhinestones set in gold tone flower cups, includes a coil bracelet, dress clip and earrings, circa 1940. The earrings backs have been reworked for security. A Frank Hess design for Miriam Haskell, it is unsigned as was typical of this era circa 1930s.   View   View   View   View   View   View   #H34292 

  HASKELL unsigned early 1940's Hess coil bracelet. The coil bracelet is 8" from tip to tip, and looks best on a 7" wrist. Clusters of leaves and flowers in patinated silver tone are enhanced by metallic and glass seed beads. The bracelet was purchased directly from the archives of Haskell Jewelry Company.  View   #H19582

HASKELL Frank Hess purple and pink glass leaves set or parure. HASKELL circa 1940 unsigned parure done in poured glass pink and lavender petals accented with clear rhinestones.  This set includes both a 3-1/4" brooch and a 5" dress clip, as well as the 6-3/4" bracelet, 16-1/2" necklace and 1-1/3" earrings, circa 1940. Seen in Christie Romero's "Warman's Jewelry, 3rd Ed, page 199 and Gordon & Pamfiloff's "Miriam Haskell Jewelry" page 134.   View    View    View   View       #H18804   


 HASKELL Hess chartreuse, burnt sienna and tan flattened glass beads and gold tone leaves expansion bracelet, 3-1/4" front, and matching 4" clip. These gilt leaves were from the "nasturtium" line.   #H26051

  HASKELL Larry Austin original watercolor advertising illustration for Haskell flattened bead and leaves bracelet and clip shown at left, numbered "815" on back in pencil, 8" by 10".  View   #H26053

 HASKELL lariat of natural, red, blue and green wood beads lariat with bright red and yellow glass buttons which each have a flower molded on the top, fur clip ends, total length 26" each clip 3". A Frank Hess for Miriam Haskell, it is unsigned as was typical for this era, circa 1940. This was seen in "Miriam Haskell Jewelry" by Gordon & Pamfiloff page 13.   View   View   #H34416


BAKELITE reverse carved stretchy bracelet, green and apple juice with square center, 6" by 1-1/4" front by 1" back, a few tiny smooth flea bites at edges. This bracelet was featured in the October 2001 "Victoria Magazine".   View   View   #B32506  BAKELITE leaf carved hinged bangle and brooch in creamed corn,
    butterscotch side hinged 6-1/4" by 1-1/4" wide by 1/4" thick bangle and 3-5/8" carved veined leaves brooch.  View   View   View   Both colors   #B16247 and #B14558  
 BAKELITE carved and over-dyed bangles



  DeROSA red roses 3-1/8" clip with enameling and rhinestones.  View    View   #d21162.

 DEROSA attributed unsigned bracelet gold tone flowers bracelet with red glass beads, blue and clear rhinestones and green enameling, 6-3/4" by 1-1/8" .   View   View   #d26073

DEROSA fur clip with orange and green enamel, clear rhinestones and artificial pearls, 3-1/2".   View   #d34650 


TRIFARI wisteria 3-3/4" pin (converted from a fur clip), patent number 131,885 from March 1942.  #T18642 
Violets bracelet 7" by 1-5/8".  #T18643
and violets  fur clip, patent number 131,887 from March 1942.    #T21205.   Backs
TRIFARI faux moonstones clear and red rhinestones jewelry.  View    View 1945 Ad  TRIFARI pink fruit salad parure.


  GAZELLE sterling vermeil Lucite jelly belly gazelle brooch, 4". It is pictured in "Fun Jewelry" page 84 and on page 184 of Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry". Circa 1941.  View   #Y26792

  LUCITE jelly belly hand holding pink enameled flower brooch with aqua enameled forget-me-not decorated wrist, circa 1945, 4". Shown in Brunialti's Tribute to America on page 139, in Carole Tanenbaum's "Fabulous Fakes" on page 92, and in The Best of Bakelite by Battle & Lesser on pages 157-8, and in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry, Art & Industry" on page 214.    View   View   View   #Y27220    

   TRIFARI sterling vermeil jelly belly frog pin with green cabochon eyes, marked pat#135172 circa 1943, 2-3/4". Shown in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry" on page 149.     View   #T26076


  EISENBERG Original gray artificial pearl and red rhinestones fur clip with gold tone leaves and tendrils, 3".   View   #E21536

   EISENBERG gold plated white metal 3" green rhinestones bow brooch.   View   #E21242

 EISENBERG unsigned dress clip with faux pearls, rhinestones and aqua accents, 3".   View   #E21851


WOOD sailor head pin with painted face, felt collar, circa 1945. View #w14773

Victim of Fashion ceramic faced pin, circa 1950. #Y19899 

   MILITARY MAN deeply carved and painted wooden pin, a WWII piece, circa 1945. View #w12977

Hand decorated, possibly from a home crafts kit, this solider combines wood, felt and painted details.

    Ceramic faces were cast and then decorated individually with various hats and hairdos made of felt, fabric, straw and pipe cleaners.

    Hand carved and paint details give each piece of wooden jewelry a unique character.





HASKELL October 1951, Vogue
"Jewelled "buttons. Two pins $35.00 each, Necklace,$60.00. Elongated fake pearl earrings $20.00. All by Miriam Haskell. Saks Fifth Ave.
COROCRAFT "Celeste" 
Vogue  1951
HASKELL green glass beads and artificial pearls necklace.


   EUGENE SET red, gray and pink crystal faceted beads in a 14-17 inch necklace, coil bracelet and 1-1/8 inch earrings with terrific color and rhinestone roundel spacers. What a delightful set! VIEW   View   View   #D18299 

    DeMARIO blue cabochon and rhinestones 2-1/8" flower pin with gold tone petals.   View   #D23047 

   EUGENE 8-strand faceted glass yellow and green beads necklace, 15-1/2".   View   View   #D23762


   AUSTRIA pink rhinestone and artificial pearls with aurora borealis and silver tone leaves brooch, 2-1/8". View #X26017    CAPRI pinkish-lavender rhinestone and aurora borealis set in gold tone bow brooch with dangles, 3-1/4". View #X26018

   VENDOME two-tone blue aurora floret disks brooch set in gold tone, 2".   View   #V23513 


    Aurora borealis, the iridescent rainbow finish on rhinestones, was developed by the Swarovski company in the early 1950's.



    VENDOME Georges Braque style brooch, textured gold tone with red cabochon, blue enamel and clear rhinestones, 2-1/3".  View #C25867 

    DeNICOLA gold tone and clear rhinestone crown brooch, 2-7/8". View View #X25852

   VENDOME large fabulous blue, yellow and white seed beads flower pin, 3".   View   #V22013


       TRIFARI gold tone 7" by 1" bracelet with clear rhinestones, stylized leaf motif.   View   View   #T11123    

  COROCRAFT  "Golden Jubilee" crown pin with aqua, red and clear rhinestones, 1-5/8". Great quality, made in 1951.   View    #C20914

   BOGOFF red and clear rhinestone necklace 16-18" and 1-1-4" earrings.   View   View   View   #X23503


SCHIAPARELLI "Champagne Morning" 1957 set with unfoiled rhinestone, carved glass leaves and aurora borealis. The earrings are signed, and the brooch is typically unsigned. It can be seen in Ginger Moro's "European Designer Jewelry" on page 87, and also came in green as  seen on page 89.   View    View     #S19698

"Champagne Morning"  1957

   SCHIAPARELLI  unsigned lavender foiled and unfoiled rhinestones and cabochons brooch, 2-3/4".  View   #S26293


  NORWAY sterling enameled flowers bracelet, 6-1/2" by 7/8".  View   View   View   View   View   #N26170    NORWAY sterling enameled round pink rose brooch, 1-5/8".   View   #N26171


   DAVID ANDERSEN sterling and guilloche enamel green, yellow and lavender butterfly.   View   #N26386       STERLING  and guilloche enamel green and yellow butterfly.   View   #N26405     DAVID ANDERSEN sterling and guilloche cream and yellow enamel butterfly.   View   #N26387 


CORO "Cherubin" cupids birthday Duette, July with pink heart-shaped rhinestone, 2-1/3", circa 1956.  View   View    #C20928     CORO Spring and Summer 1956 advertisement showing the cupid Duette at the lower right of the ad.  CORO Duette crowned cupid heads pin, 2-1/2", marked "patn 1798867".   View   #C20937





TRIFARI "Sahara"
modeled by Suzy Parker
Harper's Bazaar 1963
Vogue 1969
EISENBERG ICE "The Priceless Look"
Harper's Bazaar  1962
"Trifari Light" $10-15 each
Vogue  1968


PLUM and lavender rhinestones and cabochons brooch, 2-1/2". View #Y20811

PINK rhinestones and cabochons brooch set in gold tone, 2-1/3". View View View View #Y19399

SEA FOAM colored 2-3/4" aqua and soft green rhinestones and artificial pastel moonstones brooch. View #Y19752


   SCHREINER green and whit mosaic center 2-1/4" pin and 1-1/8" earrings.   View   View   #S23505

   SCHREINER blue cabochons and blue and green rhinestones earrings, 1-1/4".   View   #S17447

   SCHREINER blue, green and brown foiled and unfoiled rhinestone 2-1/2" brooch and 1" earrings.   View   View   View   View   #S20186


  JULIANA style orange speckled art glass and aurora, yellow and green rhinestones 2-1/4" brooch/pendant and 1-1/2" earrings.  View   #J24591   

   JULIANA style gray rhinestones 3-1/4" brooch and 1-1/4" earrings.  View  #J24594 

      JULIANA style aurora borealis beads and rhinestones brooch set in gold tone, circa 1960, 2-1/3" . View #J26712


   JULIANA frosted open backed rhinestone and aurora borealis set in gold tone brooch, circa 1960, 2-1/3". View #J26713

BRACELET antiqued gold tone bracelet with green cabochons, aurora borealis and artificial pearls, circa 1960. View   View   #Y24574  $68.00   

JULIANA style green marquis and rhinestones stylized flower and leaf brooch with aurora accents, circa 1960.   View   #J24590    $54.00   


Trifari rosebud 1" earrings

Trifari brushed gold tone 3-1/4" rose pin and 1" earrings with a very three-dimensional construction.    #T6162

Trifari rosebud 1" earrings


  CORO textured gold tone brooch with green rhinestones and the original tag, 1-3/4". View   #C22153

  COROCRAFT sterling vermeil 14-1/2" choker with red, clear and aqua rhinestones, 1-1/3" earrings.   View   #C24820

CORO textured gold tone brooch with red rhinestones and the original tag, 2-1/4".   View   #C22154 


ENAMEL "flower power" brooch, two-tone orange with yellow center and green leaves, circa 1960s, 2-1/2".   #Y30111 VENDOME
"Everything's Coming Up Tulips"
Harper's Bazaar 1963
ENAMEL "flower power" brooch, pale green with brown flecked center and green leaves, circa 1960, 3-1/2".  #Y31036



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