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   Coro, Cohen & Rosenberger began early in the 1900's in Providence, Rhode Island. As CORO they are familiar to all costume jewelry lovers. CORO made jewelry from about 1920 until the 1970's and probably did it under more different names than any other maker.  Vendome (1944-1979) , Corocraft (1935-1980), and Duette are just three examples. In general, the Coro mark was on the more modestly priced jewelry. Corocraft, Vendome and Francois were the higher priced lines. Adolph Katz was one of the best known of the designers, but there were many others responsible for the wonderful style of Coro jewelry.

   Vendome, best known for glittering glass beads and earrings, also featured other wonderful pieces such as the cabochon and rhinestone pieces pictured below. Corocraft was often sterling vermeil, and the pieces that incorporated both rhinestones and enameling are truly spectacular. The "Day and Night" pieces shown below are true works of genius with fascinating mechanisms that allow the pieces to move.

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   CORO Duette large blue faux star sapphire and clear rhinestones marked with the patn #1,798,867 for Gaston Candas 1930. It is 3-5/8" wide and in excellent vintage condition.  This piece was seen in the book "Hollywood Costume" by Deborah Nadoolman Landis.   View   #Y21861

NOTICE: The Victoria & Albert Museum's
autumn exhibition,
'Hollywood Costume',
October 20, 2012
through January 27, 2013
is "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see over 100 of the most iconic costumes in the history of film-making. It explores the central role costume design plays in cinema storytelling. Bringing together over 100 of the most iconic movie costumes from across a century of film-making, it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the clothes worn by unforgettable and beloved characters such as Dorothy Gale, Indiana Jones, Scarlett O'Hara, Jack Sparrow, Holly Golightly and Darth Vader."

Thanks to Deborah Landis, my Coro Duette shown at the top above, was in this exhibit, traveling the world more than I ever hope to! It is shown on the dress in this wonderful movie clip of the 1936 screwball comedy "My Man Godfrey" (William Powell) showing Carole Lombard wearing a blue star sapphire and diamond clip at her throat and a matching ring on her finger (not shown). If you are a lover of 30's jewelry, become a fan of the Turner Movie Channel where so many of these 30's movies can be seen, commercial free. It is a real treat for both vintage jewelry and classic movie lovers like me!




  CORO enameled flower basket brooch with cabochons and rhinestones, (patent number 123,301) circa 1940, 2-1/3".   View   #C26765        CORO "Fragrance" basket brooch and earrings with red, green, pink, purple, green and clear rhinestones, yellow gold plated, patent #147,457, circa 1947, pin 2" and earrings 1". This 1947 magazine ad shows the brooch.  #C65031 CORO enameled and rhinestones on rhodium flower basket pin, circa 1940, 3". The flowers are all the wonderful colors of pansies, one of my favorite flowers.   View   #C24416


     CORO basket brooch of blue moon glow cabochons, enameling and clear rhinestones set in pot metal, circa 1940.   View    #C22144.    CORO enameled 2-1/8" basket pin with rose moon glow stones, circa 1940.   View  #Y9450     CORO blue glass cabochons. clear rhinestones and black enamel grapes fur clip.  View   #C23007


   CORO pink enameled floral Duette marked "Coro Duette, Pat'n 1798867" and is 3-5/8" by 2-1/3", similar to the Day & Night set. Patent issued to Adolph Katz in 1939; in Christie Romero's "Warman's Jewelry, 3rd Ed, page 188; and in Brunialti's American Costume Jewelry, Art & Industry" on page 108, and also shown in can be seen in Brunialti's "Tribute to American Costume Jewelry" on page 70, patent 115,852 dated July 1939.    View    #C13105

 CORO "Day and Night" unsigned bracelet. Each flower on these pieces opens and closes. They are enameled on both sides, and the underneath each are round glass beads and rhinestones.   View   View   View   #C10118

   CORO unsigned  "Day and Night" pieces. The earrings are 1-1/8" and the bracelet is 7" by 1-1/4". They are beautifully enameled, and the flower petals move to open and close the flower, circa 1940. This same set can be seen in Christie Romero's "Warman's Jewelry", 3rd Ed, page 188.   View  View   View   View   #10118 and #C13105


CORO blue enamel and clear rhinestones flowers, a day and night set or parure in gold tone settings, circa 1940. Each blue flower is hinged at the center so that it can open and close, revealing little blue glass berries on one side behind the petals. The necklace is 16-1/2" long, the pin on the top left is 3-1/4" and the clip is 2-1/2". Patent number 118,130 dated 1939 and issued to Charles E. Pauzat for Coro.   View   View   View   View   View   View   View   Patent   #C14732    C.E.PAUZAT, 1939
No. 118,130

CORO day and night brooch
Charles E. Pauzat
 CORO Day and Night brooch with brown enameling on gold tone and clear rhinestones.  View   View   View   #C20355



      CORO Duette sterling vermeil "Sparkling Peonies" brooch/clips with blue and clear rhinestones, 1944, patent #1798867, 3".   View   View   View 1944 Ad  #C25084

    CORO unsigned brown enameled flowers and red berries necklace with clear rhinestones, 16-1/2".  View   View   #C26072

        CORO DUETTE comedy and tragedy in sterling vermeil, enamel and rhinestones, circa 1946. Shown in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry" on page 84 and in Carole Tanenbaum's "Fabulous Fakes" on page 94.   View   #C5695


  COROCRAFT day and night blue cabochon and pave floral 4" brooch.   The petals on the central flower and CLOSE around the center blue cabochon giving the brooch a different look. The MECHANISM that allows this is amazingly complex.   OPEN  View  View   #C20223  CORO burnt sienna enamel, red glass bead and clear rhinestones necklace.  View    View   #C20075   CORO blue rhinestone bow pin set in heavy gold tone with tiny roses, 3-1/3".   View    #C23004  


     CORO fabulous  rose and pave 3" double pronged clip circa 1940's.... really rare and unusual!   View   View    #C19221  

   COROCRAFT  16" gold tone necklace with rose-colored cabochons and clear rhinestones.   View    View    View   #C21695

CORO rose glass cabochons set in gold and silver tone brooch.  View  #C22656  


  CORO fur clip of rose cabochons and clear rhinestones set in both gold and silver tone scrolls and ribbons with clear rhinestone accents, 2-1/3".  View   #C25412    

   CORO pink glass cabochons, clear rhinestones and green enameled leaves set in silver tone brooch, 2-1/2".   View   #C28103     

    CORO white enameled flower with rose moonstone center bracelet, 7" by 1-1/2".   View   View  #C21841    


VENDOME pink faceted cabochons necklace with aurora borealis, all set in crown-like dog tooth prongs of silver tone with pierced backs, really lovely, wearable length 15" to 17".   View   View   View   #C38850 CORO pink faux moonstones flowers brooch with clear rhinestones set in gold tone metal, signed on the back with the Coro script signature, 4" by 2-1/2".   View   #C38871 CORO Duette with pink, rose and yellow porcelain flowers, red and clear rhinestones, all set in silver tone, 2-5/8".   View   #C34501 


COROCRAFT star and cross brooch with pink, aqua and clear rhinestones set in gold tone metal, 1-5/8" by 1-5/8". On the back it has a loop so that a chain can be passed through, allowing it to be worn as a pendant necklace.   View   #C40234 COROCRAFT sterling vermeil and enameled leaf brooch with clear rhinestone accents, 3" by 1-3/4". Marked on the back "Corocraft sterling" it is in excellent condition and was made in about 1942.   View   #C39640  


CORO aqua glass cabochon earrings set in brushed gold tone on original card, 1".   #C65030   CORO pink glass flower and leaves brooch with green enameled stems.   View   #C23155 CORO insect pin with purple rhinestone body and red eyes, 1-1/3".    #C65032


CORO rhinestone coffee pot and pot of brushes brooches and round clip back earrings, all circa 1948.  View   View   View   View   View   View  #C38524 


 CORO Deco style 1953 brilliant clear rhinestones bracelet with clear rhinestones set in silver tone, back clasp with a safety chain, 7" and 1-1/8" at the front and 3/4" at the back.  The mark, "Coro des pat pend" is on the back of the clasp. This amazing bracelet has pierced sides and is decorated with baguettes and chatons, which are all brilliant but one, which is very slightly grayed. The patent number for this amazing bracelet is 170,124 dating it to 1953, and it was patented by Adolph Katz.  View   View   View   #C38522   The Coro bracelet shown at the left reminds me of a DeRosa design art work seen HERE, not exact of course, but similar.



CORO Duette sterling vermeil enameled "Jays" brooch/clips, Adolph Katz, 1942, 3", one belly has slight chip. This style Duette can be seen in Brunialti's American Costume Jewelry, Art & Industry" on page 129. Patent number 133,479 dated 1942.    View   View   #C25083

CORO Duette crowned cupid heads pin, 2-1/2", marked "patn 1798867".   View   #C20937

   COROCRAFT sterling vermeil enamel and rhinestone folded wings pink butterfly fur clip, circa 1945,  2-1/3". Patent 133,739 dated 1942.    View   #C26656 


COROCRAFT Duette enameled bees brooch and earrings, see patent 1798867 for 1942, brooch and dress clip combination 2-3/4", screw back earrings 1".   View   #C37193

CORO unsigned cherub heads duette style clip brooch and fur clips, 2-1/3", Coro Duette but  not signed.  View   #C36701

 COROCRAFT Duette rabbits brooch and clips combination, patent 142483 for 1935, Adolph Katz, each 1-7/8".  Note that what looks like dark belly buttons on the rabbits is really the reflection of my camera lens!   View   #C37214


    CORO "Cherubin" cupids birthday Duette, January with red heart-shaped rhinestone, 2-1/3", circa 1956.  View   View  #C20927

CORO cupids Duettes brooches.

CORO "Cherubin" cupids Duette fur clip and brooch combination with red heart-shaped rhinestone center and clear rhinestone accents set in gold tone, 2-1/3", circa 1956.   View   #C29725  


    COROCRAFT  sterling vermeil leaf pin with red and clear rhinestones, 3-1/2", patent 131,776 dated 1942. .   View   View   #C24209

  CORO brushed gold tone rose 1-13/16" pin with marcasites and a faux pearl center.   View   #C20494

   CORO "Golden Laurel" sterling vermeil leaf clip with red and clear rhinestones, 2-3/4" circa 1948. Patent number 148,423 dated 1948.    View   See 1947 Ad  #C24417


    CORO red velvet crown brooch with red, green and clear rhinestones, 2-1/4". This looks like it was inspired by the St. Edward's crown of England, which was named after a medieval king.  View   #C25130 CROWN & SCEPTER   View   #C25130    CORO scepter brooch with red, green and clear rhinestones, 4-3/4".  View   #C25131


     CORO matte gold tone 2-3/4" doorknocker with red clear and aqua rhinestones.  View   #C25128    CORO door knocker and key brooches set. #C25128       CORO 2-3/4" key brooch set with red, clear and aqua rhinestones.  View   #C25128a


COROCRAFT sterling double crown chatelaine brooch with red, blue and green cabochons, red, blue, clear and green rhinestones set in gold tone, 1-7/8" and 1-1/2" with 5-3/4" chains.    View   #C65039 COROCRAFT sterling insect brooch with red, green, blue, topaz and clear rhinestones set in gold wash, 2-1/4".    #C65040 COROCRAFT sterling crown brooch with red and green cabochons, red, blue and green rhinestones set in gold tone, 1-7/8".    #C65038


    CORO enameled bird fur clip, 2-3/4". Patent 133,472 dated 1942.  View   #C21912  

   CORO sterling craft blue enameled bird pin, he sits on a branch with green leaves and clear rhinestones set in gold tone, light enamel wear, 1-7/8".     #C65034

       CORO "Heavenly Swallows" Duette with clear rhinestones, circa 1944, designed by Adolph Katz, 2-1/2", patent #1798867. Shown in Brunialti's "Tribute to America" on page 79 and in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry, Art & Industry" on page 129.    View   #C27864


   CORO DUETTE  "Calopsitta" red enameled birds brooch with rhinestones, marked with patn. 1798867, circa 1940, 3-5/8". This style can be seen in Brunialti's American Costume Jewelry, Art & Industry" on page 98.  View   View  #C10718

 CORO sterling vermeil enameled bird on branch brooch in blue, pink, green, yellow and rose with tiny clear rhinestone accents, marked on the back "Sterling Corocraft", 3-1/3" x 3".  View   #C36984 

     COROCRAFT DUETTE  enameled brown, orange and yellow bird Duette... a pair of clips that can also be affixed to a pin back and worn as a brooch.   VIEW   #C17670


CORO Duette yellow enameled birds clips/brooch with pastel flowers and clear rhinestones bodies, the larger size at 3-5/8", circa 1940s. As can be seen in the photos, some of the rhinestones are graying, but not as many as it looks in these pictures.    View   #Y38523

CORO large 5" colorfully enameled large exotic bird brooch on gold tone, marked lightly on the back "Coro", 5" tall.   View   View   #C38521

CORO earrings with white pressed glass leaves, pink striped rhinestones, pearlized and aurora borealis rhinestones, all set in silver tone, 7/8". These are in very good vintage condition with only a bit of blue verdigris at some outer edges.   View   #C63567


COROCRAFT sterling with gold wash enameled frog brooch in green, orange, yellow and white, circa 1940, 2-1/2". This piece can be seen in the book "American Costume Jewelry" by Brunialti on page 48.  View   #C35833   CORO large enamel and rhinestone tulip brooches in pink, purple and brown versions, circa 1940. This style of Coro brooch can be seen in Brunialti's American Costume Jewelry, Art & Industry" on page 107.   #tul  COROCRAFT gold plated sterling Persian rider with parasol brooch with clear rhinestones and blue, black, yellow and green enamel, marked "Coro Craft sterling", 2-1/2" by 2-3/4", Adolph Katz patent 137,153, circa 1944. C. This can be seen in several of the best books including Christie Romero's "Warman's Jewelry" on page 205; Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry, A-M" on page 146.    View   #C65041


CORO purple and clear rhinestones sterling flower bouquet brooch with gold wash, retro style, 3-1/2".    #C65037

LILY-OF-THE-VALLEY enameled and artificial pearl lily-of-the-valley brooch, 5", possibly a Coro see patent number 125,676 dated 1941.   View   #Y25986 

CORO lily-of-the-valley brooch with navy enamel leaves, artificial pearl flowers all set in gold tone, marked on the back Coro and patent 120,676 circa 1941, a large and lovely 4-3/4".   View   View   #C34704


CORO green baguettes and clear rhinestone earrings set in gold tone, 1-1/4".   View   #C65036 CORO Duette double flower brooch with brilliant clear rhinestone pave and green enamel on gold tone, circa 1940, 2-5/8" by 1-3/4".   View   View   #C34796 CORO clear rhinestones set in textured gold tone bracelet in a basket weave design, 7" by 1-1/2".   View   #Y65536


CORO "Devastating Amethyst" large bouquet brooch with unfoiled purple rhinestones and clear rhinestone accents set in silver and gold tone, circa 1944, 4-1/4". This 1944 magazine ad shows this and other pieces.  View   #C65033    CORO pot metal enameled, rhinestone and faux pearl 2" basket pin, circa 1940.   #C9744   CORO Sterling Craft Retro brooch with green and clear rhinestone spray set in gold tone, circa 1944, 2-1/2". This 1944 magazine ad shows this and other pieces.  View   #C65035


  COROCRAFT  sterling and pave wild rose brooch, 2-1/8".  View   View    #C22018

   COROCRAFT  2-3/4" gold tone and clear rhinestone open rose brooch with topaz-colored and clear rhinestones.  View   #C23232

   COROCRAFT  gold tone and clear rhinestone 2-1/2" rose pin, circa 1941. An enameled version of this can be seen in Brunialti's "Tribute to American Costume Jewelry" on page 70.  View   #C22892


 CORO blue and green enameled flowers in a basket brooch with clear rhinestones and a center artificial pearl, 2-1/3" by 2-1/4".   View   #C35553  

 CORO Genuine Norseland sterling dove links bracelet with safety chain, marked on the back as shown in the photo, 6-3/4" by 7/8". Unlike some of these doves bracelets, this one is heavy and well made, a quality piece circa 1940. When I first picked it up, I thought it was a Jensen from the weight alone. Other makers did similar dove bracelets, including Jensen and Flech & Co.   View   View   #C37962

CORO blue aurora borealis rhinestone necklace and earrings set in silver tone rope design, 16" by 7/8" necklace and 1" earrings.   #C35554    


     CORO blue enameled floral trembler brooch with pink rhinestones, 2-3/4".  View   #C24899

   COROCRAFT aqua, red and blue cabochon and rhinestone with artificial pearls necklace, 15" with 2" front drop.  View   View   #C23487

   CORO pink and white enameled floral brooch with blue and clear rhinestones, 3".  View   #C24902


 CORO Retro sterling and topaz-colored rhinestone 4-1/4" retro brooch, circa 1945.   View   #C24291   

     CORO large purple and green enameled flower brooch, 3-1/2".  View   #C24901   

 CORO lavender and green with clear and purple enameled flower brooch, circa 1940, 3-7/8".   View   #C26749


CORO fur clip with red, blue, green and topaz unfoiled rhinestones set in antiqued gold tone leaves, 1-3/4".   View   #C61843 CORO sterling vermeil sword brooch with red, blue, green and clear rhinestones, 3-5/8".   View   #C61892 CORO tulips trembler brooch with blue enamel leaves and clear rhinestones, circa 1939, 3-3/4". This style can be seen in Brunialti's American Costume Jewelry, Art & Industry" on page 105.   View   #C61922


CORO flower dress clips set with blue and green enamel and clear rhinestones accents set in gold tone with a trembler center, each clip 1-1/2". These would also have been worn clipped on to a brooch back, but in this case, we have only the clips themselves.     View   View   #C63576 CORO owl fur clip with big aqua glass cabochon eyes, blue yellow and brown enamel and clear rhinestone accents set in gold tone, 2"".  View   #C63577 CORO flower dress clips set with green enamel and clear rhinestones accents set in gold tone with a trembler center, each clip 1-1/2". These would also have been worn clipped on to a brooch back, but in this case, we have only the clips themselves.   View   #C63578 


       CORO 3-1/4" hand holding bouquet brooch, (hand probably repainted).   View  #C23890

     CORO hand holding glass perfume bottle brooch, 2-1/8".     #C23925

   CORO hand holding enameled flowers pin.  View #C21166


      CORO pastel pink and yellow enameled flamingo brooch, 4-5/8".  View   #C22417

  CORO NORSELAND 4-1/3" sterling eagle brooch circa 1943.  View   View  #C23918

   CORO 3-1/4" lady with umbrella brooch with multi-colored rhinestones.  View   #C24286


       CORO silver tone crown brooch with clear, red, green and blue rhinestones and aurora borealis.    View   #C20234

   COROCRAFT sterling vermeil 14-1/2" choker with red, clear and aqua rhinestones, 1-1/3" earrings.   View   #C24820   

    CORO gold tone ship brooch with pink, blue and clear rhinestones, 2-1/3".  View   #C24287 


   CORO "Jeweled Dolphins" enameled and rhinestone fish fur clips, part of a Duette set. These can be seen in in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry, Art & Industry" on page 141.   View  #C13106

     CORO sterling dress clips with embossed and engraved floral design.   View   #C19470

CORO clear rhinestone pave on silver tone floral motif Duette, 3-1/3", circa 1940.   View   #C15621         


  CORO rose pink cats eye and aurora borealis earrings, 1".   #C27940

       CORO "Amigos Siempre" enameled flags brooch, 2-1/4" by 2-5/8", (patn 130836) circa 1941, patent 130.836 dated 1941.. This can be seen in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry, Art & Industry" on page 237.   View   #C27762

    CORO purple, pink and clear unfoiled rhinestones filigree 2-1/2" Maltese cross brooch.  View   #C23383  


CORO jelly belly enameled fish brooch, 2".   View   #C28007  

   CORO Lucite heart held by bird, 2" by 2-5/8".   View   #C28009    

   CORO sterling vermeil orchid brooch with purple and yellow enamel and clear rhinestones, patent number 139.407 dated 1944.   View   #C21466


    CORO DUETTE 3" clear rhinestone brooch/clips marked "patn #1,798,867 and 1,852,186", circa 1940. This is unusual in that the brooch looks good even when the clips are off. View    View   #Y21860

  CORO silver tone lizard brooch with clear rhinestones and green enamel, 4-3/4".   View   #C27639  

CORO wings pot metal and clear rhinestone wing clips, circa 1935, 2-1/8" each.   View   #Y27558  


      CORO aqua and clear rhinestones bow brooch set.  View   #C27757     CORO silver tone cuckoo clock fur clip, 3-5/8" by 1-5/8".   View   #C50673 CORO gold tone pierced bow brooch with dangles, 2-1/2".   View   #C28010   


     COROCRAFT  sterling vermeil demon head fur clip, 2-1/4".   View   #C23488           

   COROCRAFT clear rhinestones star brooch set in silver tone, 3-1/2".   View   #C21862

CORO clear rhinestones in gold plated base metal bug screw-back earrings, 3/4".   View   #C32328


  COROCRAFT "Jelly Bellies", birds and owls.
OWL face earrings with blue eyes, clear rhinestone accents, probably Coro, 5/8". View #Y27618 COROCRAFT antiqued gold tone crest design brooch, 1-3/4".    View   #C60665


  CORO enamel bird on the wing brooch with clear rhinestones, circa 1940, 3". The enameling in this is very delicate and detailed with lovely colors.   View   #C61037 CORO pastel enameled flowers necklace and earrings.    View   #C61189 CORO enamel pastel lavender, pink and yellow tiny flowers and green leaves brooch with clear rhinestone accents all set in gold tone, 2-1/2".   View   #C61816


COROCRAFT Duette in gold tone with pink unfoiled rhinestones with clear rhinestone accents, 2-1/2".   View   #C32729 CORO rhinestone bug pin with red, green, blue and aqua rhinestones set in gold tone, 1-1/3".    View   #C34020 CORO fur clip with red, blue, green and topaz unfoiled rhinestones set in antiqued gold tone leaves, 1-3/4".   View   #C61843


CORO retro gold tone flower brooch with moonstone center and red rhinestones, 2-3/4".   View  #C60961 CORO sterling vermeil Retro brooch with purple unfoiled rhinestone center, 2-1/2".   #C33431     CORO sterling vermeil Retro clover brooch with rectangular aqua unfoiled rhinestone center circa 1950, 3".   View   #C61655


COROCRAFT sterling vermeil flower spray brooch with red, blue, green, yellow and purple rhinestones, a large 3-3/4".   View   #C34815 CORO Retro rose and yellow gold slide necklace and bracelet, topaz golden glass big rhinestone centers set in gold tone, circa 1941, necklace wearable 18" with 2-1/4" slide, bracelet 6-1/4" with 1-1/4" wide mesh band, slight fleabites on stones. The bracelet can be seen n Brunialti's "Tribute to American Costume Jewelry" on page 77.   View   View   View   View   View   #C34814 CORO clear rhinestones and baguettes in gold tone brooch, 2".  View   #C62757


CORO gorgeous blue and green enameled flower brooch accented with clear and blue rhinestones, set in gold tone metal, 2-7/8". The brooch is layered for a wonderful 3-D effect, and the condition is excellent.  View   #Y38579

 CORO 194 two tone gold metal bracelet with clear faceted center stone. A bracelet like this with a different colored center stone can be seen in Brunialti's book, "A Tribute to America" page 77.  View   View   View   #C38570

CORO Duette brooch with clear rhinestones set in silver tone, Deco pierced and scroll style circa 1935, 3".   View   #C61111      



CLEAR rhinestones brooch with chatons (rounds) and baguettes in a beautiful mix and all set in pot metal. It is 3-1/8" by 1-1/2".    View   #Y66579   $30.00
reshoot this piece


CLEAR rhinestones round brooch set in silver tone, fan shapes created by teardrops and baguettes and round accents around the outside edge, 1-5/8".  View   #Y66578

TRIFARI clear rhinestones bird brooch with outstretched wings and a red eye, marked "Trifari" on the back, 1-3/4" by 1-1/4". The stones that line the top of the wings are yellowed a bit, but the rest are fine so I couldn't fault this cheerful bird just for that!   View   #T66599


 CORO enameled horse head brooch with red rhinestone ears and an aqua rhinestone eye, circa 1948, 2". An ad for this pin can be seen HERE.    View   #C61156 CORO "Thorobreds" Duette horse heads brooch and clips combination in gold tone with red and clear rhinestones, circa 1945, 2". Here is an image of the original ad for this Duette View. This can be seen in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry, Art & Industry" on page 137, Katz patent number 135,970 dated 1943.    View   #C61046 CORO Corocraft sterling Pegasus horse heads Duette clips with clear baguettes and rhinestones, all brilliant and circa 1940. This pair of clips is each 2" by 1" and they are signed on the back, "Corocraft sterling". I have added a back so that the clips may be used as a brooch, but it is free of charge because I do not think it is the correct one.    View   View   View   View  #Y66580


  CORO Duette yellow birds brooch of double fur clips, 3-5/8". As can be seen in the picture,  stones have grayed very slightly and evenly and there is some enamel missing upon close examination, but the brooch is lovely nonetheless. Patent 126,490 dated 1941.    View   #C61335  


  CORO red and green enameled tulip fur clip with clear rhinestone accents, circa 1940, 2".   View   #C61193 COROCRAFT antiqued gold tone cross brooch with carnelian colored and aqua glass cabochons and white enamel in an antiqued gold tone setting, 2-1/3".   View   #C61498 CORO clear, red and blue rhinestone tree brooch set in silver tone    View   #C62849


COROCRAFT "Dutch Man" sterling with gold wash fur clip with aqua, blue and clear rhinestones, 1-1/2". It can be worn as it is but it is also one-half of a Duette pair circa 1947. It can be seen in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry" on page 84.      View   #C63458  COROCRAFT "Horned Owl" sterling with gold wash owl fur clip, can be worn as it is but also is one-half of a Duette pair circa 1941, 2-1/4". It can be seen in Brunialti's "American Costume Jewelry" on pages 62 and 64.   View   #C63454    CORO brushed gold tone necklace with red, pink and gray rhinestones, 17" by 5/8".    View   #Y62844


CORO sterling rose circle brooch and earrings marked on the back of each piece "Coro sterling". The pin is 1-1/3" and the rose earrings are 1/3" screw backs.   View   #N66538


 CORO beautifully boxed set of a necklace and earrings in caramel, brown and topaz-colored rhinestones set in gold tone. The necklace is 16 inches, the clip back earrings are 1-1/3", and the box is 6" by 4" by 3/4" deep. The Coro box shows only light wear, but the jewelry is in excellent condition and it is beautifully displayed in the original Coro flower-decorated fitted cardboard box..    View   View   View   #C39632   


 CORO sterling mood ring where the center cabochon's color changes with your "mood" and the warmth of your body from black to blue and green. This is a size 8 and in excellent condition.   View    #C61583 And the same ring as #C61583  changed to another color. CORO sterling and black tourmaline cabochon ring, marked "Coro sterling" inside the band. My GIA jewelry appraiser says this black stone could be tourmaline, onyx or quartz, it is so hard to test black stones. But her first guess would be tourmaline. It is a size 7-3/4 and the stone is 3/4" by 5/8". It is in excellent condition.    View  View   #C66567 


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