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Welcome to the beauty, history and art that is vintage jewelry. We buy and sell vintage rhinestone, costume, designer, bakelite, and antique Georgian & Victorian jewelry, sterling, and accessories.
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      LADY wearing pendant earrings, a slide chain and a coral lace pin.

     LADY wearing carved jet pendant earrings and brooch with black lace collar.

    LADY wearing pendant pierced earrings a cameo.   View 


VICTORIAN portrait earrings set in gold, 1-1/4" pendant only, 1-7/8" total length. A similar piece can be seen on page 158 of Bell's "Collecting Victorian Jewelry".    View   View   #V29901 VICTORIAN earrings, silver and bead and bezel set diamonds, 2" screw back, circa 1850. These earrings were originally made for pierced ears. The screw backs were probably added later, circa 1920.  View   View   #V23442     VICTORIAN 14k yellow gold, mabe pearl and ruby dangle earrings, 2".   #V26302


    VICTORIAN jet with portrait on porcelain pierced earrings, circa 1870, 2". See Bell's "Collecting Victorian Jewelry" page 192.  View   View   View   #V27912

   VICTORIAN lady wearing a locket pendant, buckle motif brooch and earrings. This Carte de viste is marked "G. Caldwell, Rembrandt Art Studio, Carrington Street, Nottingham".  View

  VICTORIAN yellow gold enamel painted portrait pierced earrings, circa 1870, pendant portion 1-1/3". See Bell's "Collecting Victorian Jewelry" page 158.  View   View   #V27338        


VICTORIAN jet hand carved earrings in reverse teardrop shape with fittings  for pierced ears, 1-7/8".   View   #V31331 

VICTORIAN jet earrings hand carved in infinity knot with etched design, 1-1/2" jet portion only, for pierced ears .   View   View   View   #V31332

VICTORIAN Whitby jet heart shaped beautifully hand carved flowers earrings, one cracked on back but wearable, 3/4" hearts.   View   View   #V29891


       VICTORIAN jet faceted screw back earrings, 5/8".   View   #V27802 

     VICTORIAN jet earrings with dental edge and round bead center, 5/8".   View   #V28787

    VICTORIAN jet earrings, 1/3" (small studs).   #V27205    


   VICTORIAN lady wearing parure of necklace, bracelet and earrings.   View   View    VICTORIAN faceted French jet (black glass) drop pierced earrings, one with a tiny chip at the bottom, 1-3/4".   #V28782 VICTORIAN lady wearing elaborate necklace and earrings set.  View


VICTORIAN bog oak hand carved abbey motif earrings, 1".   View   #V29207

VICTORIAN lady with fancy hat and vulcanite necklace.   View

  VICTORIAN French jet (black glass) pierced earrings, 1/2".  View   #V26447      


   VICTORIAN faceted French jet (black glass) drop pierced earrings, one with a tiny chip at the bottom, 1-3/4".   #V28782 VICTORIAN jet earrings beautifully carved, 7/8".   View   #V28872    VICTORIAN jet round carved drop earrings, 5/8" beads.   #V29116 


       VICTORIAN brown hollow woven hair set in etched and enameled gold pierced girandole earrings with oval holding hollow balls and three hollow gold tipped pendants, 1-3/4" top to bottom.   View   #V27335 

    VICTORIAN 14k hollow yellow gold dangle earrings with Etruscan style wire work, circa 1870, with screw back fastenings probably added in the 1920s, 2-3/4".   View   View   #V27848

 VICTORIAN hair acorn earrings with gold fittings for pierced ears, circa 1880, 1-1/8".   View   #V27607


VICTORIAN silver etched ivy with beaded edge pierced earrings, total length 7/8" by 3/4" wide.   View   #V32206 RODDIN 1888 Catalogue, earrings
Roman and bright finish, polished ornaments, engraved tops, onyx, gold wires and engraved real stone settings.
 VICTORIAN faceted smoky quartz with 14k yellow gold tested fittings earrings, kidney wires for pierced ears.   #V29732


     VICTORIAN pierced earrings, 14k fronts embossed with scrolls and tiny ball dangles, old but solid repair on gold filled back of one earring, 1-1/8". #V27369 

   LADY wearing jet earrings and brooch on a crocheted collar.  

    BIRD Mexican Victorian 12k and turquoise bird-motif pierced earrings, 3/4" with dangle.  View   #V24822


       VICTORIAN yellow gold filled coral berries earrings with 10k wires, 5/8" oval .   View   #V27584

    VICTORIAN yellow gold filled artists palette earrings with red stone, 1" wide.   View   #V27588

    VICTORIAN Etruscan style wire twist decorated gilt metal earrings, converted to screw backs, 1".   View   #V27589


      SILVER and paste (clear rhinestones) pendant dangle pierced earrings, marked "800" in tiny letters on the back, 2-1/4".  View   View   #Q29844  

EDWARDIAN pendant dangle pierced earrings marked "sterling" silver, paste, gold wires, 1-5/8".   View   View   #V29908

  SILVER girandole clear rhinestone paste screw back earrings, circa 1920, 2-1/2".   View   #Y26224


VICTORIAN 9ct yellow gold, lava and coral pierced earrings with flower elements and dangling coral beads, circa 1870, 3" total length. They came to me in this velvet-lined  box but I do not think it is the original box, just a nice old one.   View   View   View  #V32406 FRENCH sterling silver, marcasite and mother-of-pearl pearl earrings with a boar's head hallmark (all but impossible to see so I may be wrong on this), hinged lever back ear wires, total length 2" and wreath 1".    View   #V33160  PASTE earrings with clear pastes and green Peking glass Asian figures set in silver tone, total length 2-3/4".   View   #V34730


DECO sterling silver pierced ball dangle earrings with clear and green rhinestones, marked "sterling", 1-3/4" long top to bottom, circa 1930.  View   View   #Q34705 OPERCULUM shell earrings, also called Shiva shell, set in silver gilt, 1-1/4". This is a sea shell also known as Pacific Cat's Eye, and it is Turban snail shell.     View   #V34765 MALACHITE and sterling pierced dangle carved ball earrings, nicely carved and a lovely marbled color.   View   #V34635


  PASTE dangle earrings with red, blue and green glass cabochons, 2-3/4".    View   #Q35252  


   ENAMELED and pearl flower brooch and earrings set in karat gold in a floral motif, 1-1/8" pin and matching 1-1/8" earrings, circa 1910.  View   View   #Q14507  

   DEROSA oval earrings with clear rhinestones in gold tone and silver tone, circa 1940,1-1/8".  View   #d25962

    DeROSA gold tone and artificial pearl earrings, circa 1940, 1-5/8".  View   #d24923


 STERLING vermeil with clear and red rhinestones bird's head earrings, circa 1945, 1".   View   #Y29748  COROCRAFT "Jelly Bellies", birds and owls.
 OWL face earrings with blue eyes, clear rhinestone accents, probably Coro, 5/8". View #Y27618


 EUGENE crescent earrings in green rhinestones and seed beads set in silver tone with clear rhinestones.    #D21508

   MB BOUCHER cupids gold  tone pave earrings with red faceted  crystal hearts, 1-1/2", marked "patn 1649187"   

    DEROSA green rhinestone earrings with clear rhinestone accents, clip backs.   View   #d22148  


  DeROSA enameled violet earrings with clear rhinestones, 1-1/3" earrings. 
View #d20433

        DeROSA peacock earrings with lovely translucent enameling, 1-1/8" by 1" earrings .   #d18666

   DeROSA purple enameled lily 1-1/4" earrings.   View   #d21703


 HOBE unsigned aqua and clear rhinestone earrings, 1-1/4".   View   #O21847

   HOBE glass bead, rhinestone and aurora 1-1/2".  View   View   View    #O9090    

   HOBE red clear and blue earrings, circa 1940.  View #H20229


   ROSENSTEIN 1" artificial pearl and rhinestones set in gold tone earrings.   View   #X24342

    EUGENE gold tone scalloped earrings with green and brown crystal beads, 1-1/8".   #D19191

 DE MARIO red bead and golden luster 1-1/4" earrings with gold tone florets.   View   #D19610


HASKELL or Czech unsigned red and natural colored wood beads screw back earrings, 1-1/8". Circa 1940s, these are in excellent condition.  View   View   #H36780 BEADED earrings with blue, white, pink and purple glass seed beads, screw backs 1-1/4". Circa 1940s, these are in excellent condition.  View    #H35845 HASKELL or Czech unsigned natural, green and pale yellow wooden bead earrings with clip backs, 1-1/4". Circa 1940s, these are in excellent condition.  View   #H36782



RHINESTONE grape earrings with pale yellow, topaz, lavender and purple rhinestones set in antiqued gold tone, 1-1/3".   View   #Y60967 ROSE montees and artificial pearls set in gold tone filigree earrings, 1-1/8", one rhinestone missing.   View   #Y29561 BLUE faceted bead earrings with rose montee set in gold tone filigree, clip back 1-1/4". These have backs that look like early Haskell, but I cannot document it for sure so am selling them as just the lovely earrings they are.   View   #H36179


       HASKELL lilac seed bead and rhinestones earrings.   View   #H20200

      HASKELL soft blue faux moonstone and rhinestones earrings.   View  #H20156

    HASKELL lavender glass bead drop earrings.  #H18625


HASKELL horseshoe mark pale and medium blue glass beads 1" earrings. View #H21459

  HASKELL two-tone aqua glass bead and topaz-colored rhinestone earrings, 1". View #H21173

HASKELL green glass bead 1" earrings. View View #H21225e


       JONNE pink and pastel beaded earrings, 1-1/4".  View   #H22408

   JONNE black, pink and clear crystal and glass bead earrings, circa 1950, 1-1/4".   View   #H26794

   JONNE coral seed bead and rose montees 1-1/4" earrings accented with tiny gold leaves.   View   View   #H19588   


    DE MARIO gold tone earrings with blue rhinestones and tiny aqua beads 1-1/4" earrings.   #D18283

   DE MARIO aqua crystal beads, faux pearls and rhinestones in pretty clip back 1-1/4" earrings. #D11249

  DEMARIO blue and green rhinestones 1" earrings.  View   #D10121


GREEN pastel and yellow rhinestone earrings with art glass cabochons in gold tone dog tooth settings, 1-1/4".   View   #Y33441 OLIVE, orange, tan and aurora borealis rhinestone earrings in gold tone setting, 1-1/3", probably unsigned Regency.   View   #Y33442 PALE yellow, celery green, aurora borealis and art glass earrings in gold tone dog tooth settings, 1".   View   #Y33448


     FLORENZA blue-green aurora molded glass with rose and blue rhinestone accents earrings.   View   #F21683  FLORENZA purple unfoiled rhinestone with aurora accents set in gold tone earrings, 1-1/4".  View   #F26374    FLORENZA green-purple watermelon rhinestone earrings with brown and aurora accents, 1-1/4".   View   #F23500


      EARRINGS pearlized beads and leaves wing-back earrings with rhinestone roundelles, 2".   View   #Y25916 

    EARRINGS France 18k gold earrings with ruby, sapphire and emerald cabochons, 2-1/2".  View View View #Y24985

  VENDOME crystal beads, blue and purple aurora and green leaves earrings, 1".   View   #C10795   


     JULIANA pastel blue and aurora borealis dangle earrings.  View   #J20705

    JULIANA lavender-blue painted cabochons and rhinestones earrings, 1-1/2". View #J26143 

     PINK rhinestone and aurora dangles earrings, 2-5/8"".  View   #Y26470 


      McClelland Barclay sterling grape leaf earrings.   View    #X21671

    IRADJ MOINI pastel rhinestones and mother-of-pearl petals earrings.   View   View   View   #K19504 

   McClelland Barclay sterling lily earrings.   View    #X13152


         GREEN decorated cabochons and green and clear rhinestone earrings, 1-1/3".   View   #Y27953    ROSE and green aurora borealis and rhinestones set in antiqued gold tone earrings, 1-1/8". View #Y26434    CINER clear rhinestone earrings with black center, 1-1/3".    View   #K2131 


  ROSE style unsigned earrings with rose and green glass beads, artificial pearls and rose montees 1-1/8".   View   #Y27709  

     EDLEE  carved glass earrings with aurora borealis, 1-1/2".   View   #X20069 

   GREEN rhinestones and art glass beads with carnelian colored teardrop cabochons and green and yellow rhinestones set in gold tone earrings, 1-3/4".  View   #Y29615


   POMERANTZ unsigned pink, green and lavender glass cabochons and irregularly-shaped stone with red, blue, gray, yellow and green rhinestones and artificial pearls set in gold tone earrings, 1-1/4".   View   #X31819 14k YELLOW GOLD and jade grapes motif round bead pierced earrings, 1-3/4".  #G60402  ITALIAN "Made in Italy" art glass beads with pink roses earrings, 1.   View   #Y60513


REBECCA COLLINS Dallas Texas sterling earrings with Javanese vintage glass set in silver, 1".    View   #X60367 REBECCA COLLINS sterling and earrings with orange-brown cabochons and smoky topaz colored bead dangles, 2".   View   #X60370 REBECCA COLLINS unusual agate set in sterling earrings, 1-1/4".   View   View   #X60369


STERLING and speckled stone earrings marked "925" on back, 1".   View   #N60368 JADE loop pierced earrings with 14k yellow gold filled fittings, 7/8".  #Y60510 STERLING and amethyst cabochons pierced dangle earrings, 1-5/8".   View   View   #N60472


EARRINGS in silver semi-matte metal with green beads and glass cabochon. They are a total length of 1-1/3". I bought these several years ago at the Santa Fe Museum, and they are light weight and easy to wear, in excellent condition.   View   #Y39508 BEN AMUN retro-Georgian style cut steel dangly earrings with artificial pearls, wearable length 3".    View   #X35250  JUDITH JACK snake earrings in marcasite, sterling and pearl. For pierced ears, they are a total length of 1-7/8" top to bottom. They are circa 2000 and in excellent condition.   View   #X36060 


BLUE and purple enameled flower and leaf earrings with a fresh water pearl drop in each, total length 1-3/4" including the loops. The enameled portion is 1-1/3". These are in excellent condition.  View   View   #Y35717 FLOWER and stamen earrings with aqua, lavender, white and green enameling, total length of the enameled flower is 1". In excellent condition and for pierced ears.  View   #Y35718  EARRINGS in anodized titanium metallic rainbows with three drops on each one. These are a total length of 1-3/4", and they are in excellent condition, circa 1970.   View   #Y39509 


EARRINGS blue anodized titanium with a rainbow-like swirl, earrings are 1-1/2" total length including the 1" disk. In excellent condition, circa 1970.  View   #Y39507 EARRINGS in a metallic shiny blue on one side and matte blue on the other. The total length is 1-3/4" with the blue portion being 1-1/8" by 3/4". In excellent condition circa 1970.  View   #Y39510  CERAMIC Morning Glory earrings in light and dark blue with gold edges. They are 1-5/8" total length and the ceramic drops are 1" by 1'2". IN excellent condition, these are circa 1970s.  View   #Y39511


SILVER long leaf earrings for pierced ears, leaf portion is 1-1/2" by 3/4", and the total length with the hook is 2-1/4". These are in excellent condition and were made in the last 15 years. I bought these from a lovely Santa Fe, New Mexico, jewelry shop, but can't recall the artist's name.  View   #N39617 COLORFUL large watermelon aurora borealis rhinestone earrings set in brushed gold tone, 1-5/8". These are clip backs and in excellent condition.    View   #Y22913 GEM stone earrings with labradorite, turquoise, mystic topaz, and quartz, and gold tone chains. They are 3" total length and shimmer nicely when worn. I don't know who made these, but they came to me with a price tag of 295.00 dollars on them! #Y40040


GEM stone earrings with glass pearls, quartz, dyed quartz, glass stones, and gold tone chains. They are 3" total length and shimmer nicely when worn. I don't know who made these, but they came to me with a price tag of 295.00 dollars on them!    #Y40039 GEM stone earrings with chrysoprase, green glass, blue topaz, other stones, and gold tone chains. They are 3" total length and shimmer nicely when worn. I don't know who made these, but they came to me with a price tag of $295.00 on them!  #Y40038 GEM stone earrings with gray pearls, ruby beads, quartz and other stones, and gold tone chains. They are 3" total length and shimmer nicely when worn. I don't know who made these, but they came to me with a price tag of 295.00 dollars on them!   #Y40041


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