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Welcome to the beauty, history and art that is vintage jewelry. We buy and sell vintage rhinestone, costume, designer, bakelite, and antique Georgian & Victorian jewelry, sterling, and accessories.
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All jewelry is in excellent vintage condition unless specified otherwise.  All items are subject to prior sale.
We work constantly to offer extensive jewelry research, pictures and information on our reference site " Jewel Chat " and gallery " Morning Glory Collects ". 
We share our reference material free of charge and work hard to make it accurate, but as with any research, mistakes can be made. We are not responsible for the use you make of the information here or the honest mistakes that may occur from time to time.
We do not offer identification, valuation or appraisal services. 

TO PURCHASE: You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. Many of these items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only, but you are always welcome to ask.
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    SCENIC enameled and mother of pearl opera glasses with beautifully painted scenes and people of a by-gone era.   View   View   View   View   #a50000

STERLING double picture frame in hammered case, engraved with initials. The flip-up photo holder is inside the card case style holder.   View   View   View    #A50359

   SILVER embossed floral and insect opera glasses with lovely silver work.    View   View   View   #50365


  LORGNETTE sterling 3-3/4" lorgnette with anchor mark, 38" black ribbon for wearing.   View   #V24986     VICTORIAN 14K gold lorgnette with engraved initials "SRT" and fleur-de-lis and dot motif, 5-5/8". The last word in elegance!  View   View   View   View   #a27895   CHATELAINE "B-arrow" mark sterling chatelaine engraved with scrolls and flowers and the initials "ELC", mirror 1-1/2", pillbox 3900 w/mirror 1-3/4", dance cards 2", coin ball 1", lipstick 3996 2", pencil 2-1/2", case for ? 3".   View   View   #a27811


    SCHIEBLER sterling vinaigrette with heavily embossed scroll design, 3-5/8".   View   View   #a51005

  STERLING R. Blackinton & Co. purse with repousse violets and leaves motif and chain handle, initials engraved on the back "DWM", numbered "1377" and marked "sterling", 3-5/8" by 3".   View   View   View    View  #a5481      

   STERLING turn-of-the-century vinaigrette with embossed berries and leaves, 2-1/2".   View   #a24938


      STERLING Egyptian scarab and lotus motif wrist purse. It is 3-1/4" by 2-3/4".  View   View    View  #P20953

 STERLING  sterling purse/compact elegantly fitted with coin holder, cash pocket and notepad, 3-1/3" by 2-5/8" by 3/4" thick and engraved "ECG".   View   View   View   View   #P13340

    STERLING wrist purse engraved and decorated. it is 7 inches wide and 2-1/2 inches across, and is dated 6-14-22.  View   View    View  #P20952


SAKS 5th Ave Milady's flip-out shoe horn and button hook, 2-3/4" closed and 5" open, pat. 10-9-17.   View   View   #a62858 STERLING silver small purse with scrolls and flowers design both front and back, hallmarked Birmingham 1915 purse, lovely condition with deep green compartments inside, 2-1/3" by 2-1/3" by 3/4" deep with chains 2" long each leading to a size 11 finger ring. The finger ring is not meant to fit, but to slip loosely over the finger. There are two very shallow dimples on one side which are almost unnoticeable.   View   View   View   #P33294 VICTORIAN large silver tone metal skirt or train lifter with padded ends, 7" total length. The pierced floral and scroll top slides up and down to open and close the pincers.    View   View   #V34601


 STERLING engraved cigarette case and cigarette holder. The case has inlaid enameled edelweiss and a medallion which I believe is St. Barbara, all contained in the original lavender velvet lined case. Engraving in German says something like, "Soldier's good luck to my best battery", and on the back, "True comradeship against the Italian Battery 7FK9, 1915" with many engraved autographs.     View    View   #P20910 

    WHITING BROS sterling handled dresser set of three implements, a shoehorn 8-5/8",a file 8", and a shoe hook 7-1/2". View View #a26344  

    STERLING toiletries set of 4 pieces: file 6-1/2", hook 7-1/4", brush 7", cuticle 5".   View    #a17411


     BLACK SILK FAN with dyed inlaid ribs and silver sequin accents circa 1900.   VIEW   #a14630

   EDWARDIAN TIFFANY black ostrich feather fan with tortoise ribs, 32" from side to side when open.   #a14626

  FAN with inlaid ivory ribs and silver sequin accents circa 1900.  #a14633


 STERLING compact style double photo frame, 2-1/2" by 1-3/4", engraved "JEE". View View #a24443

   STERLING Edwardian chatelaine notepad with celluloid leaves, 1-3/4" by 2-1/8".   View  View   #a28675

   STERLING silver flowers and scrolls repousse box engraved "Myra March '98", with hallmarks.   View   View   #a28768


AQUA sterling engine turned pastel green enameled hinged lidded pill box, gilt interior  View   View   #A29726 CHERUB sterling souvenir cupid spoon with gilt bowl etched "Los Angeles", 4-1/4".   View   View   View   View   View   #a29665 STERLING Whiting Brothers guilloche pink enamel lid powder box, small chip in lid so priced as is, 1-1/2" by 1".   View   View   View   #a29102


  COMPACT blue enameled powder and rouge partitioned compact with marcasite accented jumping greyhound, 1-3/4".   View   View   View   View   #a16022   DUPONT PYRALIN jewelry box with velvet liner and ring slot inside, 5-7/8" by 3-3/4" by 2" tall.   View   View   View   View   #a60551 COMB celluloid green and cream fold-out comb with red rhinestones, circa 1930, folded size 2-3/4" by 1-1/2".   View   View   #a62702


SAKS 5th Ave Milady's flip-out shoe horn and button hook, 2-3/4" closed and 5" open, pat. 10-9-17.   View    View   #a62858

STERLING rabbit baby bib clips on original card, circa 1950.  It was put around the baby's neck and clipped to a fancy hanky used as a bib. Webster 1894-present, in Attleboro, Massachusetts, known in part for their sterling baby items. These can be seen in the Benj. Allen & Co. Catalogue, Exclusively Wholesale, 1951 Edition.   View   #N35350  

Benj. Allen & Co. Catalogue, Exclusively Wholesale, 1951 Edition
Sterling silver baby bib holders, rattle and spoon set, napkins rings, cup and porringers, 925/1000 fine.


VICTORIAN sterling glove button hook, as is with slight mashing at the handle tip, 2-3/4".  View   #V38004

VICTORIAN sterling embossed handle cuticle pusher, 4-1/4".   View   #a50685

STERLING needle case marked "sterling", 2-1/2" . It has a nice embossed scroll and beaded design with open cartouches on each side, never having been engraved. Antique sewing accessories were so beautifully designed in the Victorian era.  #N39758




VICTORIAN sterling embossed hunting dog and floral stamp box, 1" by 1-1/2".   View   #a28884

VICTORIAN sterling embossed Cupid and Psyche front and floral embossed stamp box, engraved T.G.M.", 1-1/8" by 1-1/8".   View   #a28885

VICTORIAN sterling vesta match safe engraved with initials "JAL?", shallow depression on front, 2-1/2" by 1-1/4".   View   #a29186


GORHAM sterling leaf etched match safe engraved "WE", 1-7/8" by 1-1/2" . View #a26334

 UNGER BROTHERS sterling 2-1/2" match safe engraved with the date "1900" and the initials "GW".  View  #a21453  

STERLING match safe, scrolls motif, 2-1/3" by 1-1/3", circa 1900. #a26268


ENGLISH vesta in sterling and 9 carat rose gold, a match safe with lovely engraved designs, hallmarked for Birmingham 1904, 1-5/8" by 2". The workmanship is gorgeous and it has a loop at the top so that it can be added to a chatelaine or worn as a pendant.   View   View   View   View   #V36013 SNUFF pewter snuff box marked on the top "Friend Indeed, 1732" and "London" on the bottom.  View   View   #V35785   SCENT silver tone rectangular scent container, open cartouche for initials, 2-5/8" by 1-1/2".  View   View   #V36735


      STERLING match safe embossed violets, engraved "MWL", hallmark "?-anchor-G", 2-1/2", dents.  View   #a16815

SILVER match safe with tiny embossed violets, engraved initials "SN", marked "800" with unidentified touch marks on the side, 1-3/4" by 1-1/2".   View   #a3687

     STERLING match safe hallmarked "Minor, Stewart", 2-1/4".  View   #a16681


STERLING match safe or vesta for a chatelaine, lovely heavy Arts & crafts hammered design with circle on the front for initials, hallmarked for Birmingham 1904 maker's mark "J.G." for John Gilbert, curved 1-1/2".     View   #a17403

  STERLING 1-1/2" by 1" match safe with embossed design.  View   #A24028

 STERLING coin purse initialed "KT", 1-5/8" by 2".  View   #a24044


EDWARDIAN sterling vesta with bow front, hallmarked "WH" (William Holmes) Birmingham 1907, engraved "C.C.W. (Countryside Council for Wales) Croquet 1908", 2-1/8" by 2-1/4" .   View   #a32998 DECO sterling vesta in unusual round shape with machine turning, hallmarked "WH" (Walker & Hall) Chester 1908, loop for chatelaine, 1-3/4".   View   #a32989 EDWARDIAN sterling vesta engraved "Tug of War, Orsett, E.I.Y., 9th Sept. 1902", hallmarked "WN" Chester 1901, Edward VII, 2-1/4" by 2-1/4".   View   #a32997


VICTORIAN sterling vesta with brite cut foliate designs, open area for initials, hallmarked "Ce&Fds" Birmingham 1898, loop for chatelaine, 2" by 1-5/8".   View   #a33077 VICTORIAN sterling vesta with etched foliate design, engraved initials "AT", hallmarked for Birmingham assay 1909 maker "TH", chatelaine loop, 1-5/8" by 1-1/8".   View   #V33078 VICTORIAN sterling vesta, hallmarked "WN" (William Neale & Son) Chester 1902, loop for chatelaine, 2" by 1-1/2".   View   #a33079


    VICTORIAN sterling match safe marked "S sterling 789", scrolls design, 2-5/8" by 1-1/3", very small dimples in 2 places.   View   View   #a28684 STERLING match safe with illegible hallmark, probably Continental, very unusual design, 2" by 1".   View   View   #a28685            STERLING match box cover, open spot for engraving, 1-1/8" by 1-3/4".   #a28887


STERLING match safe with heavily embossed floral design, marked 925 this is a reproduction..   View   #a50666

   STERLING stamp holder with bark design, oval for initials, 2" by 1-1/4". The design is worn smoother on the front left side.  View   #a50668

   STERLING match safe with edge scrolls, marked 925 and G in diamond, 1-5/8" by 1-1/4".   View   #A50667


    VICTORIAN sterling floral and scrolls match safe, 1-1/8" by 2-1/3".   View   #a28883


  STERLING 2" match safe hallmarked "W&T, anchor-lion-d".  View   #a17402


VICTORIAN 900 silver match safe with a farm scene on one side and a fisherman scene on the other, separated by scrolls on both edges, all embossed with great detail. The 900 mark is the US equivalent to coin silver, but other countries used it as well. It has a slide-out tray for the matches rather than a hinged lid, very clever. There is wear and a small tear along the top front where the farm scene is, so it's being priced as is.  View   View   #V37584


   MATCH book holder marked "sterling and 14k" with yellow and rose gold, hallmarked on the end "JEB Co R 8199", and it is 2-1/8" by 1-3/4". It is sterling with rose and yellow gold stripes, and it contains the silver paper match book.  View   View   View   View   #a39775  


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TO PURCHASE: You are on a reference page of Morning Glory Antiques & Jewelry. These items were photographed from private collections, and are for reference only.
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