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Welcome to the beauty, history and art that is vintage jewelry. We buy and sell vintage rhinestone, costume, designer, bakelite, and antique Georgian & Victorian jewelry, sterling, and accessories.
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Morning Glory Collects... 
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Accessories ~





   KELVA opaque blown-molded hand painted glass hinged lidded dresser box with hand painted pink wild roses on gray-brown mottled background, 7-3/4". Made by C.F. Monroe Co. in Meriden, Conn., who also made Wavecrest and Nakara glass, circa 1900. The peach colored lining is frayed.   View   View   View   View   #a23730

  PURPLE cut to clear glass perfume bottle with lavender rhinestones flowers and glass leaves set in gold tone filigree top.   View   View   #a21303

 NAKARA pink-to pale yellow opaque blown-molded hand painted glass dresser box with white daisies, 4-1/2".  Made by C.F. Monroe Co. in Meriden, Conn., who also made Wavecrest and Kelva glass, circa 1900. Shirred peach colored lining.  View   View   View  #a20089



      ORNATE oval handled dresser tray with antique lace and embroidery insert and rhinestone accents in the frame.   #a18012

    ROBERT Cyma wind up alarm clock with unfoiled pastel rhinestones, circa 1945,  3-1/2" by 4".   View   View   #R26600

   VICTORIAN mirror of carved mother-of-pearl with a sterling band, 7-3/4", circa 1850.   View   View   #a6877     



   GOLD tone metal high-heeled shoe pin holder, 7". This would be a great way to display a stick pin collection.   #a22716

  VICTORIAN soft yellow-green velvet 4-1/2" tall and 2-1/2" wide perfume casket with 2 swirled custard glass 3-1/2" colognes.   View   View   View   View  #A25983

   BEADED parrot in multi-colored glass beads backed with a vintage dressy plaid fabric.  View   View   View   #A26285   


VICTORIAN tortoise shell visiting card holder with mother-of-pearl inlay, etched designs, sterling cartouche engraved, "M. E. Smith, 10th Feb'y, 1879" and a calling card inside "Dr. W.C.F. Smith, North Parade, Halifax". There is a small stable old crack in one panel of the mother-of-pearl but it does not detract from the detailed and intricate work on this lovely old case which is otherwise in excellent condition. Having the calling card belonging to the owner's husband as an added piece of ephemera is a nice and unusual addition.   View   View   View   View   #V32215 VICTORIAN pin box with hand carved roses and flowers on top, screw lid, wonderful old patina, 3-5/8" by 1-1/8".    View   View     #V31980   PORTRAITS of fancy lady in elegant hat, a convex glass covered printed portrait set in gold tone frame with hand painted pink roses on velvet, 5-5/8" by 3-3/4". Set of two.  View   View   View   View   View   View   #a50706


VICTORIAN cranberry glass perfume with golden and white enameled detail,   View   View   #V31570 GALLE cameo lay-down perfume bottle with flowers, leaves and butterflies with a sterling lid which has English hallmarks.   View   View   View   View   #JKprf COMB CASE of ivory fabric covered with pink, rose, mother-of-pearl and green glass beads and sequins in a floral bouquet design, comb inside with a metal tassel, probably French circa 1900, 5-1/2" by 1-5/8", some tiny beads missing at the edges and the fabric shows slight age.  View   View   #a3586


   ENAMEL pale yellow enameled compact and lipstick finger ring, compact has a lovely rose and violet design, compact 2", lipstick 1-1/2", slight bit of missing enamel on one edge of compact.   View   #a36725

VICTORIAN agate letter opener in it's own box, "vous soit propice 1903" on the enameled band in the middle, which I think translates to "have a good year 1903", 6-7/8" by 7/8".  View   View   View   View   #V36591

VICTORIAN mother-of-pearl ink pen, no markings, 5-7/8" long. This is decorative only as the nib is bent a bit.    View   View   #V32889


  MANNEQUIN 1940s mannequin bust with such an elegant face, 17" tall. We use these for display at the shop and for photographing jewelry, but they are also fun on a dresser at home.  #a36837

 VINTAGE Eugene 1950s mannequin head we use for display. Also fun to have on a desk or dresser. 

MANNEQUIN head that we enjoy using for display at the shop.     


Prior to the 1860s, sterling silver was expensive and generally available only to the wealthy. With the discovery of silver at the Comstock Lode in Nevada (then Western Utah Territory)  in 1859, sterling became both less expensive and more desirable. Extravagant accessories and ornaments, so enjoyed by the Victorians, now decorated the vanity table, dining table and home. Some patterns of sterling flatware had an implement for almost every food type, with such exotic pieces as oyster forks, asparagus servers, cold meat forks, grapefruit spoons, nutmeg spoons and tomato servers.
Victorian ladies owned cut crystal dresser sets with sterling lids, sterling chatelaines and sterling handled grooming implements. And the reflection of gas light on sterling created a soft glow that added to its popularity.


VICTORIAN EPNS Scottish thistle watch and ring stand with faceted purple glass stone, thistles designs, 3-3/4" high and 2-3/4" wide. Marked "EPNS" with a star and a fleur-de-lis.   View   View   View   #V35932

RIDLEY & HAYES sterling jewelry and ring box with figural couple front, hallmarked Chester 1909, maker George Nathan & Ridley Hayes, 4-1/3" by 3-1/8" by 1-3/4" tall, heavy, commedia dell'arte characters Columbine and Punchinello.    View   View   View   View   View   View   View    #V34405

VICTORIAN tortoise and cut steel look letter opener, "cut steel" portion is pressed design, not real cut steel brads, 7-5/8" by 1-5/8".   View   View   View   #V35929


VICTORIAN R.M. & Co. sterling cut glass perfume in original box from Garrard & Co. Ltd., London, England. The four sided perfume has it's original faceted glass lid and sterling embossed fittings. Perfume is 5-1/8" long and 3/4" at it's widest.   View   View   View   View   View   #V33994 BIRKS sterling footed jewelry box with fittings to hold 5 rings, engraved initials "EB", gilt inner lid, 3-1/2" by 2-1/3".    View   View   View   View   #V34012 EDWARDIAN sterling handled hair curler hallmarked Birmingham 1904 maker A.W.P. (AW Pennington), mother-of-pearl button, 6-1/2" total length, boxed .   View    #V33993


VICTORIAN sterling silver ring box with embossed swirls, flowers and cartouche, hallmarked "A&JZ" Birmingham 1901, three ring slots in soft green velvet, 3" by 1-1/4" by 1" high.   View   View   #V33074 VICTORIAN sterling silver ring box with forest green velvet lining and slots for 6 rings, engraved initials "EAG", hallmarked Birmingham 1919, 4-1/3" by 1-3/4" by 1-1/2" high.   View   View   View   View   #A33075 EDWARDIAN sterling silver jewelry box with shirred sage green lining, engraved initials "AC",  hallmarked "JDWD" (John Deakin & William Deakin) Birmingham 1912, 4-1/3" by 3" by 2" high.   View   View   View   #a33072 


GEORGIAN (George V) sterling ring box with shirred lining and engraved initials "KW", SB&L (S. Blackensee & Sons Ltd, 2nd qtr 20th cy) 1911, 1-7/8" by 1-1/3" and 1" high.   View   View   #a33002 EDWARDIAN sterling ring box with blue velvet lid, hallmarked "L&S" Levi & Salaman (1890-1910), Birmingham 1913, footed, 2-1/4" by 1-3/4" by 1-1/2" tall.   View   #a32995 VICTORIAN sterling jewelry box, round scalloped lid, 3 feet, hallmarked 1870 or 1920, 2-1/2" by 1-1/3" high.   View   #a33066


  STERLING miniature chatelaine mirror with ribbon twist border, marked C&N Birmingham 1916, included rare original glass that is convex enabling you to see your entire face in this tiny mirror, slight dimples, 3" by 1-1/4".   View   #a32985 

VICTORIAN sterling 1897 ring box with an embossed cherubs, heart, roses and north wind motif and a lovely scalloped pie crust edge. It is hallmarked Birmingham, 1897 and maker's mark "W" and then a letter I cannot read. It is lined with a deep purple velvet and and gilt inside, and it has spaces for 8 rings, 5-1/8" by 1-3/4" and 1" high .  View   View   View   View   #V36340 

STERLING hand mirror with embossed flowers and scrolls, engraved initials "AMM", marked "sterling" with maker's mark "SCM" for Schmitz & Moore Co., Newark, NJ, circa 1915-20 makers of sterling vanity items, 10-1/3" by 5-3/4", priced as is with light dings and dimples that do not detract from the overall look.      View   View   View   #N33562 


PERFUME cut glass lay-down perfume with sterling lid, 4-1/4".  View   #a4576

    HAWKES tall slender cut glass perfume with stopper, floral period, circa 1910, 7-1/2" tall with 2-1/3" base.    View   #a4035

     CUT GLASS dresser jar in a floral motif, 4-1/4" wide by 3-1/4" high.   View   #a4431




      SILVER PLATED dance card with raised floral motif, celluloid leaves, 2-1/3" oval.  View   View    #a51003

   SHIEBLER sterling vinaigrette with heavily embossed scroll design, 3-5/8".   View   View   #a51005

   STERLING heart shaped scent or perfume bottle engraved "Martha", 2".   View   View   #a51006


     STERLING lidded cut glass dresser jar with repousse daisy motif, 3-5/8" by 3".  Marked "sterling" on lid, slight dings on side of lid.  #a4429

   WEBSTER Co. sterling lidded glass dresser jar with the engraved initial "G" on the top, 1-1/2".     #a4032

     WALLACE sterling lidded glass dresser jar with the engraved initial "S" on the top, 3-1/2". Slight ding on one side of lid  #a4031


    FRAME silver tone miniature picture frame with blue rhinestones and cabochons, floral design, 2-3/4" by 2-1/3".     View   #a24239

   PERFUME in melon shaped glass with a sterling neck hallmarked for London 1910, maker's mark illegible, 1/2" slightly bent edge at top of sterling collar and 1/8" flea bite at bottom of the glass edge, 5" tall and 3-1/4" wide. Note that the lid is melon shaped to match the body.   #a4428

       STERLING  lidded glass dresser jars with the engraved initial "S" on the top, 2-1/8" wide and 1-5/8" tall. Slight dings on side of lid.     #a4033


    STERLING banded neck cut glass perfume, 4-1/4" high and 1-7/8" wide, hallmarked for London 1916, maker's mark illegible, chip at tip of stopper.     #a4424   LEFT
STERLING banded neck cut glass perfume, 4" high and hallmarked "WHS" London 1922, 4" tall and 2-1/2" wide, a few fleabites visible under magnification.    #a4424  RIGHT

 VICTORIAN perfume of cut glass with faceted stopper and sterling neck, hallmarked for maker  'B&W", Birmingham 1852, 7" tall and 2-5/8" wide.    View   #a4424   LEFT  
 PERFUME cut glass with faceted stopper and sterling neck, hallmarked "HS" London 1904, 6-3/4" tall and 2-1/2" wide.    View   #a4424   RIGHT

  PERFUME cut glass with faceted stopper, circa 1910 floral period, 5-1/4".   #a4014


RW&S STERLING Wallace Arts & Crafts hand hammered nail buffer set engraved with the initial "C", 6-7/8". Marked "RW&S sterling 900-5 hand hammered" on both pieces.   View   #a6833

  STERLING Art Nouveau roses and daisies motif pocket mirror, 4".  View   #a7060

   STERLING embossed floral motif nail set, file and cuticle, 4-1/4" and 5-1/2".  #a24240


VICTORIAN sterling sewing punch with embossed daisy handle, marked WC arrow, 5-1/2".   View   #V33560

VICTORIAN F&B sterling glove hook and nail tool with purple rhinestones at the end of each piece, glove hook 3" and finger nail file tool 2-3/4".   View   View  View   View   View   #V33561

MOTHER-OF-PEARL vanity manicure nail tool set, four pieces. The crochet hook, which has a 1/2" of rust on one side of the handle, is 3-3/4"; the punch is 3-1/2"; the smaller hook is 4" and the knife 2-1/2".    #a33092


   STERLING ornate floral repousse vanity box.  View   View   View   View   View   View   View   #a50217

   GORHAM dresser set with floral repousse design. Set includes brushes, comb and mirror.    View   View   #a50216

STERLING floral repousse shoe horn with engraved initials.   View   View   #a50219



 STERLING B with sword mark ornate sterling lid engraved with the initials "AES" dresser jars, 2" wide by 1-1/8" high, set of two.    View   #A24006

    DANIEL LOW catalogue page showing sterling shoehorns and curling irons.
See MORE Daniel Low Catalogue pages.

   STERLING "RW" hammered lid dresser jars, 2-1/4" by 1-1/3" by 2" each, set of two.  View   #A24007


    RW&S STERLING brushes with repousse carnations motif and engraved initials "RRM", 4-1/2", set of two. Marked "RW&S sterling 1900" on each, slight dimple under initials of one brush.    View   #A4583

     DANIEL LOW turn-of-the-century catalogue showing sterling brushes (including a comb cleaning brush) and accessories. See MORE Daniel Low 1901 Catalogue pages.

  STERLING embossed comb cleaning brush, 2", circa 1900, as is.   View   #A50360



   STERLING handled button hook with purple rhinestone tip, 6".   View   View  #a51009

    STERLING aesthetic pocket knife-style double button hook, 2-1/3" closed, 4" open.  View   #51010

STERLING floral handled button hook, 6-1/2".   View   #a51008    


VICTORIAN cut glass scent bottle with enameled top, marked "reg. 749276" circa 1930, 5-3/4" tall and 3-1/2" wide, tiny silver off enamel on top.   View   #V33027  STERLING stickpin holder, hallmarked Chester 1917, 2-1/2" wide and 1-1/4" tall, dings in the silver.   #a33019 VICTORIAN faceted glass scent bottle with silver fittings, 2-1/8", sliver off one side, hallmarked H-800-crescent-crown for Gustav Hauber, 1870-present.   View   #V33030


   WHITING BROS sterling nail buffer and tray, circa 1910, 6". View #a26345  

       STERLING handle hat wisk or hat brush with foliate design, as is with small dents in handle, 7". View #A50363

    STERLING mini glove hook with embossed floral, scroll and dots design, 2-1/2", circa 1900. #A50357


STERLING handle nail file with reposse floral motif, 6-1/3". The handle is marked "sterling" and the file shows some rust.    #a9101

 GORHAM 9" sterling handle shoe horn, roses handle engraved "RSA", some dents in the handle. View #a5563

STERLING handle nail file, initial "H", 6-1/2".  #a9102



 JEWELRY casket marked on the back "WB Mfg. Co.", cream satin lining, 2" by 2".   View   View   View   #a50640 

     STERLING Victorian toiletries set of 4 pieces in an ornate scroll and dot design: a nail file, 6-1/2", button hook 7-1/4", brush 7", cuticle pusher 5". View #a17411

  DECO picture frame with slide in round glass photo holder, 3-1/8".   #acoll 


      R&S Co sterling sewing scissors with dolphin and scroll handles, 3-1/2" #a5482

    STERLING nail scissors with heavily embossed flowers, 4-3/4". The scissors do not quite close, missing by about 1/8".   #a9107 

     STERLING embossed sewing scissors 4-1/2", marked "sterling 447" #a13522


   VICTORIAN sterling embossed handle glove hook, 2-7/8".    #a50684

VICTORIAN Sheffield etched floral design mother-of-pearl fruit knife, hallmarked "WN" dated 1897, 2".   View   #V31575

 STERLING finger nail scissors with etched floral and scrolls design on handles, 4".   View   #a29264


  STERLING silver flowers and scrolls repousse box engraved "Myra March '98", with hallmarks for Gorham 1897, 1-1/2".   View   View   #a28768   STERLING needle case for a chatelaine, embossed dragon and scrolls motif, 3-1/8".  View   #a28187        DER KISS silver plated compact with fairies and flowers motif, Art Nouveau style, 2" by 1-5/8" thick.   View   View   View   #a28831


 STERLING Victorian tiny footed bowl with repousse and pierced work expertly done,  hallmarked along the top edge "WH&W" for the maker, date letter circa 1901, has the word "sterling" on another edge, and it is 2-3/4" wide by 1" deep. It has both embossed and pierced designs and is nicely ornate with garlands, buds and scrolls. It does have a tiny dimple in the bottom of the bowl, but it's perfect for holding rings!   View   View   View    #a28610

ART NOUVEAU sterling handle hallmarked "A&LLd" Birmingham 1901 manicure tools, nail file and cuticle pusher with floral and whiplash embossed handle circa 1904, 5".   View   View   View   View   Mark   #a28611

   VICTORIAN sterling hallmarked "A&LLd" Birmingham 1900 scroll embossed lidded pressed glass dresser jar, 1-3/4".   View   View   View   Mark   #a28613


STERLING Whiting bowl with poppy motif, marked on the back with the Whiting Bros. hallmark and "sterling 6202", 5-5/8" by 7" and 1" deep.     View   View   Mark    Mark  #aJK116 WOODEN shoe snuff box marked "Madeira 1932" inside with wonderful detail on the stitching and shoe laces, wooden hinged lid, 3-1/3" long by 1" wide and 1" high.  View   View   View   View   #aJK152 STERLING bowl with embossed Iris motif, marked on the back "sterling 6194" and the Whiting Bros hallmark, 5-7/8" wide and 1" deep.     View   View   View   Mark   #aJK8117



 STERLING "BC" sterling stamp case with gold washed areas inside and engraved flowers top, 1-3/4" by 1-1/4".   View   View   View   #a50708

 VICTORIAN Wilcox & Co. (WWS mark) glass ink well with sterling etched design, monogrammed lid and glass insert,   View   View   View   View     #V50895

    VICTORIAN sterling rectangular dish made by William Comyns (popular Victorian silversmith), birds motif circa 1891, 2-3/4" by 4-1/2".   View   Mark  #a28617


MOSAIC Made in Italy mosaic mini frame with flower motif including forget-me-nots and tiny pink flowers, 2-7/8" by 2-1/2".   View   #a32170 EMRICH engine turned gold tone compact with marcasites basket motif on the top, 2-3/4". The inside is fitted with a place for powder and a mirror. Emrich may have been a West German company.   View   View   View   View   #a32167 STERLING shoe horn with embossed Art Nouveau lady face handle, 8-1/4".   View    #a8892


LADY in pink wearing a strand of beads and dancing, Deco style, marked on the back "Germany 20377".   View   View   View   View   #a20652 LADIES LADY in pink porcelain scent bottle, 3-1/3" high by 2" wide. Her body has a cork stopper at the bottom to fit into her skirt top.   View   View   View   View   #a50616


 DELTAH plastic fan-shaped necklace box, 8" by 8-1/2" when closed.   View   View   #a28505

Jarmila Novotna, opera singer 

 This plastic fan necklace display box is very similar to the Deltah Pearls case shown at left.
It has a built-in stand, and opens to display a necklace on the cream velvet inside. It is marked on the back "Braun-Crystal Mfg.".
View    View    View    View   


CELLULOID or "french Ivory" dresser set of cologne and buffer, initial "N" for Negley, circa 1920.   View   #a28420

VICTORIAN celluloid long box with applied cupid, 4-5/8" by 1", slight 1/4" crack at back of lid .   View   View   #V31524

CELLULOID or "French Ivory" dresser set of mirror and lidded jar, initials "AJK" for Agnes Jeanette King, circa 1920. Mirrors like this were included in the 1914 Daniel Low & Co. Gift Catalogue where they were called "Parisian Ivory".  View   #a28421


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