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Welcome to the beauty, history and art that is vintage jewelry. We buy and sell vintage rhinestone, costume, designer, bakelite, and antique Georgian & Victorian jewelry, sterling, and accessories.
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 Dress & Fur Clips of the 1930-40's

See Jewel Chat Magazine "Clips and How to Wear Them"


   DRESS CLIP black bakelite back with multi-colored rhinestones set in gold tone, 2-1/2".   View  #Y19805

     DRESS CLIPS gold tone filigree with red, green and blue cabochons.  View    #Y19953

   CZECH petal capped gem tone glass teardrops dress clip 2-1/2".   View   View   #Y19827


   CLIP red, green, blue and clear poured glass dress clip, 2-1/8".  View   #Y24859

    REINAD NYC dress clip with cranberry and green glass beads set in gold tone, circa 1940, 3-1/2".   View   #X25063

    CLIP with brilliant red, blue and green cabochons and marcasites.  View   #X23404  



     HASKELL pink and blue glass dangles dress clip, 3". See Gordon & Pamfiloff's "Miriam Haskell Jewelry" page 148.  View   #Y24905

     CLIP dress clip with topaz glass faceted beads and gold tone leaves, 2-1/4".  View   #Y24927

   BLUE glass teardrops dress clip, 2-1/2".  View   #Y24904


    DE ROSA Deco style rose and lavender unfoiled stones in this brilliant 1-3/4" dress clip.   View   #X19810

   CLIP with a portrait under glass mounted in gold tone scroll embossed dress clip, 2-1/2".   View   #Y27372

    DRESS CLIP  with clear beveled center stone, green and pink surrounding stones, 1-1/2".   View  #Y19899


   FLOWER 2-1/8"  fur clip with pink and blue pastel rhinestones center in this VERY three dimensional piece. I think it is an unsigned De Rosa as I have the original art work for a piece just like this.  View   #Y19830

   DOUBLE dress clips on a pin back in red and clear rhinestones set in silver tone. Large and lovely at 3" wide.   View    View    #Y19814

   BOW double clip on a pin back in green and clear rhinestone set in silver tone, most unusual, 2".   View   #Y19831 


    GLASS melon-shaped beads and leaves decorate this wonderful 2-3/4" dress clip.  View   View      #Y19818

   DRESS CLIP a tiny 3/4" treasure with marcasites and topaz-colored glass beads.   View   #Y19912

   CLEMENS 2-1/4" dress clips with gem tone cabochons and a hand-hammered look circa.    View    View    View   #Y19806


   DeROSA gold tone 3" tree fur clip with pink rhinestones  and an enameled peacock and leaves.   View   #d22075

   MAZER large 4" enameled fox fur clip.  View   #B21882

  FOX gold tone foxy fur clip, 3-1/3".   View   View   #Y21866


PURSE CLIP  rectangular plaque base with geometric openwork lattice design of colorless horizontally-set baguette rhinestones and colorless vertically pave-set rhinestones, surmounted by four sets of opposed pink triangular glass stones with central pink glass bead clusters, two flat-backed hinged clips on reverse, 3-7/8" x 1-1/2", circa 1930.   The back shows where it was once attached to something... perhaps a purse.   View   View   #Y19623

Pink and clear rhinestone CLIPS shown together.
These are the same piece seen in Christie Romero's "Warman's Jewelry", 3rd Ed, page 140.

DRESS CLIP  a curved rectangular plaque with a geometric sawtooth design of curved perpendicular bars of square-cut light pink and colorless rhinestones alternating with triangular plaques of pave-set colorless rhinestones, two flat-backed hinged clips on reverse,  curved 2-clips style, 3-1/8" clip probably meant to be worn on a curved neckline, circa 1930.   View   View    #Y19909


DRESS CLIP with large pastel green art glass glass cabochon and red rhinestone small cabochons set in gold tone metal, circa 1930s, 3" wide. This is in excellent vintage condition.  View    #Y19906

   DRESS CLIP  with a large unusually-shaped aqua center rhinestone, clip is 2-3/4".   View    #Y19903

   Pastel "Bubbles"  pink and blue glass beads 2-1/4" dress clip.   View   #H19950 


   BUTTERFLY pin... when the wings are squeezed, the pins open to be fastened.  View    View   #Y1546

 DECO CLIP/BRACELET silver tone mesh slide bracelet with a detachable dress clip end decoration.  View    View  #Y19966

    EISENBERG unsigned clear rhinestone 2-3/4" double clip brooch. It is hinged at the center so that it can be worn with the wings in different positions.  View   View   #E21238 


     PEACOCK tail motif clear rhinestones dress clip circa 1935.   View  #c21255

  DOUBLE clip 2-5/8" brooch in clear rhinestones circa 1935, marked pat 2,114,675.   View   #c21253

     DRESS CLIP  peridot colored rhinestone and pave 2-1/3" marvel. Really brilliant!   View   #Y19908    


DRAWING probably for dress clips or brooches circa 1930. DRAWING probably for dress clips or brooches circa 1930. DRAWING stamped in French "Henri Hoffmann, 29 Mai, 1925, 63 Rue de Bretange, Paris. These drawings are of rings and brooches.


ROSE BROOCH in silver tone setting with pave and citrine colored accents,  2".   View    #Y19885

  MAZER  Deco style clear pave 3-1/3" pin.  
View  #M20938

   DRESS CLIP 3-dimensional pave rose 2-1/4".  View   View   #Y19917



     CLIPS  Deco style wonderfully designed clear rhinestone dress clips, set of 2, 2-5/8" each.   View  #Y21035

    TKF  Clipmates Deco style clear rhinestone pave 2-5/8" pin/clips. 
View  #T20942

  CLIP/BROOCH clear rhinestone clip/pin combo, circa 1940.   View    View    #Y17498  


    CLIP glass and metal 2" dress clip, circa 1940.     View  #Y21852 

     CLIP in clear, red and blue rhinestones, 2-1/8". Possibly a 1940's MB Boucher, but most of the mark is illegible.   View   #Y22952

   MB FUR CLIP  3" two-pronged  with red baguettes and clear rhinestone pave... really a statement piece! Marked with the "bird head" mark and "Patn Pend".    VIEW   VIEW   #M17367


      DRESS CLIP 2" wreath of multi colored rhinestones.   View  #Y19902

   FUR CLIP in red, clear and blue rhinestones with enameled beehive emblem in the center.   View   View  #Y19927

     DRESS CLIP with purple and pink rhinestones set in gold tone.  View   #Y19952



       DRESS CLIP with chain fringe and topaz-colored beads and rhinestones, 3-1/2". This is an unsigned DeRosa.  View   #Y19913

  DECO fabulous substantial 3" dress clip with green and clear rhinestones.   View   #Y21869

   DRESS CLIP  with red and purple rhinestones, 3-1/4". I suspect this is an unsigned DeRosa.  View  #Y21009 


    WOODEN multi-colored beads 3-1/2" dress clip with green wooden leaves.   View   #Y21708   

  GRAPES glass beads and plastic leaves clip.  View  #Y21230

   PEARLIZED plastic baby blue and pink dress clip, 3".   View   #B22157    



WISHBONE good luck fur clip with green enameled shamrocks and clear rhinestone centers all set in gold tone, horse shoe made to rock back and forth, circa 1935.  View    #Y62025

AQUA Haskell style brooch of aqua pinched glass beads and florets and white celluloid chain, circa 1940, 4". While this has some attributes of an early Hess piece, including the findings and glass beads, I cannot attribute it definitely.   View   View   #H62106

WENDELL August Forge silver pine cones dress clip, 2-1/8" by 1-1/2", company 1923-present. I would think that this design and the clip style would date it circa 1935.   View   View   #X62349 


CLIP two-toned metal beads, leaves and bells 3-1/2" dress clip circa 1940.  View   #Y22108

    WOOD, straw, coral and aqua beads dress clip, probably Czech.   View   #Y19780

        HASKELL early unsigned dress clip, wood and glass beads.   View    View    #H21874


   WOOD beads multi-color and white wooden 2-3/4" dress clip with floret beads at the top, very Haskell in it's style, but it could also be Czech.   View  #H20853   

  LILY PAD and dangling florets  early unsigned gold tone 4" dress clip. From the findings, construction and the detailed design, I would attribute this to Haskell. It is absolutely lovely, and so unusual.    Detail   Back    Detail    #H20118       

   CLIP Made in Germany white daisy glass beads 2-1/2" pin.    View   #Y24792


    CLIP gold tone clip with green glass beads, 2-1/2".   View   #Y25126

   CLIP triangular dress clip with cranberry glass beads, 2-1/4".  View   #Y25162    

   GOLD TONE leaves 3-1/2" dress clip with blue glass beads.   View   #Y23961


     CLIP gold tone dress clip with floral motif and artificial pearls, 2-1/3".   View   #Y26590

   EMBOSSED gold tone dress clip with carnelian colored pierced and etched stone, 2-7/8".   View   #Y26376

   SANDALS gold tone fur clips with clear rhinestones, set of 2, 1-3/4".  View   #Y26691


  CORO sterling embossed dress clips. View   View   #C19470      LIDZ  lady face with earrings pot metal dress clip with aqua unfoiled rhinestone, 3-1/8".  View   View    #X26655    BLUE "WMCA" (White Metal Caster's Association) Deco blue glass and clear rhinestone round dress clip, circa 1930, 2". See information on this mark in Christie Romero's "Warman's Jewelry" Edition 3, page 136.  View #Y26055


CLIP antiqued silver tone leaves, buds and berries dress clip circa 1935, 2-1/8".   View   #Y32633 SWEATER silvery sweater guard, 6" wide with 1-1/4" clips.    View   #Y32627  CLEAR and red rhinestones set in pot metal dress clip circa 1930s, 1-1/2".   View   #Y60427


      TEARDROP glass beaded dress clip with gold tone leaves, circa 1940, 2-1/3".   View   #Y19590     CORO Duette large blue faux star sapphire and clear rhinestones marked with patn. 1798867, 3-5/8".    View   #Y21861       DECO dress clip with 1-1/2" clear unfoiled rhinestone center surrounded by clear and purple rhinestones, 2-5/8". View View #Y26768      


    MADE IN FRANCE three swords fur clip, a HUGE 5-3/4" long and 4" wide. Red, white and black enamel on gold tone metal. The sword hilts are formed of curled snakes with clown faces at the base of each one.  Marked "Made in France"  View   View   View   View  #Y27840

   MEXICAN man double pronged fur clip with hinged sombrero, 2-1/4" in gold tone metal with red and black enameling.  Front View with hat down. Front View with hat back.  Back View. #Y23423

   HASKELL early unsigned gold tone bells with blue glass bead clappers pin, 3-1/4".   View   #H27753



PURPLE and pink rhinestones set in gold tone dress clip, light wear on back, 2-3/4".   View   #Y29550

      DOCTOR DRESS large  clear rhinestone dress clip, circa 1935, 3".   View   View   #Y28397

  CLIP clear faceted glass bead and pastel seed bead dress clip, circa 1940, 2-1/2".   View   View   #Y27745



   REYCO clear rhinestone button covers, marked on the back "patn 1922".   View   View   #Y29737

CLIPS red glass beads and clear rhinestones V-shaped dress clips, set of 2, 1" each. View #Y26034

  PINK and citrine unfoiled rhinestones set in gold tone dress clip circa 1940, finish worn on sides, 2-3/4".   View   #Y31156


GOLD TONE dress clip with pastel aqua beads, 2".   View   #Y31160 ASIAN gold tone man's face in black enameled hat with red glass bead tip dress clip, 2-5/8".   View   #Y31219    CLIPS antiqued gold tone with coral-colored glass cabochons clips, set of 2, 2-1/3" each.   View   #Y51063


RHINESTONE purple and clear rhinestone hinged fur clip with glass drop tips, a very unusual piece, 2-3/4".   View   #Y24012 WHITE white opaque glass beads and gold tone filigree leaves pin, 4".   View   #Y51087 DARK brown enameled berries dress clip with gold tone textured leaves, 2-1/8".   View   #B60028


EISENBERG style unsigned fur clip with yellow and blue unfoiled rhinestones with clear rhinestone accents set in gold tone, 3".   View   #E32802 CLIP topaz colored glass cabochons set in antiqued gold tone tulips and berries dress clip circa 1930, 1-5/8" by 2-1/4".   View   #Y60678 GLASS green leaves and pale pink glass "cracked ice" balls dress clip, circa 1940, 3".   View   View   #Y31266


CLIP Kaywi_ Nov. NY gold tone oval leaf dress clip with green cabochon and rhinestones, 2-3/4" by 2-1/4".   View   View   #Y62760  FUR CLIPS in lovely citrine colored rhinestones with clear rhinestone accents all set in gold tone, 1". Delicate beauties in a smaller easy-to-wear size.   View   #Y19918   CLEAR unfoiled rhinestones dress clip brilliantly set in silver tone, marked on clip back "pat 1852188", circa 1930, 3".   View   #Y63725 




   CLIP cobalt blue glass bell-shaped and round beads clip with gold tone metal bead accents, circa 1940, 2-3/4".  View   #H31229

 CLIP royal blue glass beads wired onto brass setting pin, 3" by 2.5"..   View   View   #H32138 

CORO flower dress clips in clear rhinestones, gold tone and silver tone, circa 1930s, 1-1/2" each.  View  View   #Y35608  


Dress clip to be worn on a neckline or the edge of a lapel. Two-pronged fur clip, to be worn like a brooch. Purse clasp clip.


LILY pad and dangling florets, an early unsigned gold tone 4" dress clip, circa 1940. It is absolutely lovely, and so unusual.    Detail   Back    Detail    #H20118   1939 Benjamin Allen Catalogue page 137.
"Tryette sets combination brooch and dress clip sets. White metal white stone sets." These were early versions of what Corocraft called "Duettes".
PURPLE rhinestone clip set in gold tone filigree, 1-5/8" by 1-1/4". This is in excellent condition with unfoiled stones and clean gold tone setting.    View   #Y40135


Shoe clips. Duette brooch/clips combination which can be worn as one brooch or two separate clips. Shoe buckles which would have had an addition clip to attach it to the shoe.


FLOWERS enameled Duette style brooch and dress clips combo in dusty red and green with red, blue and green rhinestones, patent 1,798,867 and 1,852,188 circa 1930s, 3".   #Y65042 DECO dress clip with clear rhinestones, green cabochon ends, 2-1/4".   View   #Y63450 CLEAR rhinestones set in gold tone filigree dress clip, similar to a Hobe piece but this isn't signed and all the stones are foiled, 2/58". The wire work is also subtly different from that of Hobe. It is lovely though, whoever made it.   View   #Y36181


DRAMATIC fur clips with an Eisenberg look but no signature. This is a pair of curved dress clips in emerald green colored rectangular stones and red square stones, all set in gun metal colored silver, each clip 2-1/3" by 1-1/4", circa 1940. The price is for the set of two clips.  View    View   #E38344 FLOWERS fur clip with white glass petals and blue rhinestones centers, petals held by gold tone surrounds and accented with gold tone leaves, circa 1940, a nice large 4" by 3". This can be seen in another color in Ball & Torem's "Masterpieces of Costume Jewelry" on page 183. One leaf has a mold mark on the back that looks like a crack but isn't one.  View   #Y65537 BOUQUET fur clip with blue and clear rhinestones set in gold tone, a nice large 3-5/8" top to bottom, circa 1940. There is light wear on the finish where the gilt finish is worn through to the silver, noticeable upon close examination. This is a bright clean clip easy to wear with lots of different styles.   View    #Y61330


CLIP with red, blue and green glass leaves, fruit salad style, with clear rhinestone accents and set in gold tone. Circa 1940s, it is 2" by 1-7/8" and in excellent vintage condition with only slight discoloration of the metal on the back only.   View   #Y39106 SNAKES pair of snake dress clips with aqua rhinestones in their mouths and textured gold tone, patent number under the clip is "AT180112", circa 1930s, each clip is 2" wide.  View   View   #Y66452 CLIP Retro style fur clip with colored rhinestones set in gold tone, 3" by 1-1/2". The rhinestones are red, purple, topaz, blue and green. In excellent condition, this is circa 1950.  View   #Y39522


Note: Cartier patented a mechanism for "double brooches" in about 1927, and Coro patented their Duette mechanism in about 1931.


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