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Welcome to the beauty, history and art that is vintage jewelry. We buy and sell vintage rhinestone, costume, designer, bakelite, and antique Georgian & Victorian jewelry, sterling, and accessories.
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VICTORIAN karat yellow gold bracelet with swivel center double-sided finely woven hair or photo compartments, tiny star design on four-strand band, etched clasp, extra large 8" length and 5/8" band with 1-3/4" by 1-1/2" center.   View   View   View   #V32800

   VICTORIAN girl's Persian turquoise ring and gold filled thimble in original fitted box. This would have bee a lovely gift for a young girl.   View   View   View   View   View   #V32850

VICTORIAN karat yellow gold charm bracelet, 7-3/4" long and 1/4" wide chain with "faith, hope and love" locket compartments lined in silk 3'4: to 7/8" long, one heart-shaped and two ovals.   View   View   #V32801


VICTORIAN 14k yellow gold, pearl and rubies starburst pin in original box, 1-1/3". Box lid says "Estd. 1835, Sanders, Court Jewellers, 43 & 45 High St., Kensington, W.8.".    View   View    View   View   #V32204

VICTORIAN 18 carat yellow gold early 1800s ring with central diamond, four pearls and black enamel, size 7-3/4.    View   View   #V32118

VICTORIAN 14k yellow gold snake bracelet with Persian turquoise head and garnet eyes, snake 1-1/2" by 3/4", total 7".  View   View   View   #V32252


DECO platinum single cut diamond and sapphire ladies wrist watch, newly cleaned, running and keeps time. Marked "platinum" inside the case, as well as a bench mark of "1/27/03". Works marked "Atoma Watch Co., 17 jewel, Swiss". Case 1-1/2" by 5/8", strap 6-5/8".    View   View   View   #w28751

DECO 18 karat white gold ring Asscher cut diamond ring with small sapphires and hand-engraved detailing, size 6, total weight 3.684 grams. The center natural diamond is an estimated weight of 2.25 carats, I-1 and M-N color. Seven square cut synthetic blue sapphires are mounted on the sides, as well as one natural sapphire that was a later replacement.     View   View   View   #V34446 

PLATINUM white gold, diamonds and moonstone filigree butterfly brooch, 1-7/8" by 1-1/4". As you can see in the photo, this absolutely glows with light. This is in an Edwardians style but has a 1920's era or later swivel catch. There are 13 mine cut natural diamonds in a filigree setting and three bezel set moonstones, and the antennae is 14k white gold. The diamonds range from 2.7 to 3.5 in size and are S-1 clarity and color I to L. Estimated weight 1.75 ct total.    View   #G37312


 GEORGIAN 14k yellow gold beautifully crafted oval pendant with plaited hair one one side, engraved on the back, "To The Memory of My Wife and Child, Arietta S. Jenkins obt. Nov. 25th, 1832, John W. Jenkins, Sept 3rd, 1832". Size is 2-1/2" by 2"  5/8" loop. Both mother and son died of yellow fever and were buried in Chestnut Street Cemetery (Old City Graveyard) in Apalachicola, Florida. 
Captain John Jenkins was an early steamboat captain from New Brunswick, New Jersey, moved to Apalachicola, Florida, piloted an early steamboat and was an investor in a steamboat company. He was the husband of Arietta and father 5-year-old of John W. Jenkins, and had this pendant made in their memory.
"Chestnut Street Cemetery (Old City Graveyard) of early Apalachicola dates prior to 1831. Interred there are some of Apalachicola's founders and molders of her colorful history. Also buried here are many soldiers of the Confederacy and victims of yellow fever and shipwrecks. Seven of the Confederate veterans served with Pickett at Gettysburg in the gallant Florida Brigade."  
Tombstone of Arietta S. Jenkins. Tombstone of John W. Jenkins. "Sacred to the Memory of John W. Jenkins who dies Sep. 5, 1832, aged 5 years." Pieces with provenance like this are extremely rare.   View   View   View   View   View   View    #V29714
VICTORIAN 14 karat yellow gold and emeralds buckle bangle, lovely etched design on the front, 6-1/2" by 3/4". The emerald is the symbol of Spring and renewal.  View   View   #V32117


VICTORIAN 14k yellow gold knot brooch with garnets, hair compartment on back of lower dangle, 1-3/4" by 3". This is a lovely high-relief piece and a very unusual type of hair jewelry. The knot is a symbol for unending love. The top garnet has a very tight and hard-to-see crack, but the stone is secure and it is not detrimental to the overall look of the piece as it is visible only under magnification. The center dangle has a fox tail end, and the overall design is detailed, three-dimensional and elegant. See Bell's "Collecting Victorian Jewelry" page 149.   View   View   View   #V30099


RETRO 1940s gorgeous 14k rose and white gold, diamond and ruby hinged bracelet, 7" around the inside, 1-3/4" wide at the front and 1-1/8" at the back. The 25 natural round European cut diamonds are estimated total weight 1.6 carats, the baguettes are estimated .18 carats. There are 26 natural rubies estimated weight 1.5 carats.

The wide hinged cuff bracelets were a popular design during the retro period, between the mid to late 1930’s through the 1950’s.  These bracelets were often used as a vehicle to “update” earlier jewelry items such as Edwardian and Deco style charm bracelets, rings and pins. This bangle's front element was once an Edwardian ring, mounted sideways on the bracelet to update it to the style of the 1940s.  View   View   View   View   View   #G36272

VICTORIAN sterling silver gilt bangle with rubies and pearls, applied delicate scallop and dots design, etched flowers set with rubies and pearls, safety chain, in original box, hallmarked for sterling 1882, 7" by 1".   View   View   View   View   View   #V31965




     ART NOUVEAU enameled watch pin with baroque pearl and diamond.  View   #Q25030

   ENAMELED14k and enameled pendant watch with diamonds, pearls and ruby. Engraved on the inside from a father to his daughter on Christmas 1904.   View   View   View   #V24861

 14K ART NOUVEAU pearl and enamel 7/8" lily-of-the-valley pin.   View  #Q9809


    14k ENAMELED and pearl 1-1/8" violet pin, marked on the catch with an arrow through a heart mark, circa 1910. This pin has very slight enamel loss.   View  #Q11738

     ENAMELED 14k violet pin with seed pearl, 2/3". The tip of one flower petal has a tiny enamel loss.  View   #Q10025    View group

   10k ENAMELED and pearl flower and leaf pin, 1-1/4".  View   #Q12739 


   ENAMELED and pearl flower 14K yellow gold 1-1/8" pin and matching 1-1/8" earrings.  View   View   #Q14507  

 SLIDE bracelet 14 karat yellow gold, enamel, diamond and seed pearl slide links of flowers, clover and leaves. Beyond gorgeous with the most delicate translucent enameling and detail, bracelet 7" long and 1/2" wide.   View   View   View   View   #G24928     

    14k ENAMELED 7/8" oval poppy pin. View   #Q12735


    14k floral engraved bangle with amethyst colored stones,  6-5/8" inside 7-16" wide.   View   View    #V23355


   14 and 18 KARAT gold BANGLES with diamonds, rubies, amethysts, and garnets.


DIAMOND 14 karat yellow gold hinged hollow bangle with five diamonds across the front half and a safety catch on the side. It is 7" wearable size by 1/3" wide. The diamonds are an estimated total weight of .40 carats, I-1 clarity and H-I color. The bangle has very shallow waviness from years of wear, which doesn't detract. It is about 15.08 grams weight in all.   View  View  View  View   View  #K39863 PLIQUE-A-JOUR Portuguese 19k yellow gold blue flower brooch with diamonds in the leaf and around the cultured Tahitian or South Sea gray pearl in a baroque shape, 3" by 1-1/2". On the back is the Porto rooster mark for 1938-1984. While there are some thin cracks in the plique work, it is stable and absolutely gorgeous. There are 40 rose cut diamonds in this set with open backs so the light can shine through.   View  View   View   #V40021  




 VICTORIAN 9ct yellow gold, lava and coral pierced earrings with flower elements and dangling coral beads, circa 1870, 3" total length. They came to me in this velvet-lined  box but I do not think it is the original box, just a nice old one.   View   View   View  #V32406

 EDWARDIAN 9 karat yellow gold hinged bangle with gypsy set garnets and diamonds, hallmarked behind front for Chester England 1907, safety chain, 6-1/2" by 1/2"  View   View   #Q32432

ARTS & CRAFTS 18 karat yellow gold brooch with mabe pearl center and flower petals, green cabochon centers, gold leaves and tendrils, 1-3/4" by 1-1/3" .   View   #Q32652   


VICTORIAN diamond and sapphire crescent moon and stars  gold bracelet, 6" by 3/4" at front, 1/8" at back.   View   View   #V32237

VICTORIAN bar pin of a shimmering sword with seed pearls, circa 1900, 2-1/3".  View   #V32445

VICTORIAN 10 karat yellow gold, diamond and emerald horseshoe hinged bangle with push-in clasp and safety chain, 6-2/3" with 5/8" horseshoe .   View   View   #V32797



   BAR PIN with an insect made of opal, moonstone, ruby and seed pearls, 1-1/2".   View  #11127

   LACE pins, shown for size comparison.

 Peridot and seed pearl 9ct 1-1/3" round lavaliere on a 14k 17" chain.  #Q4619



 10 KARAT gold delicate 1-1/4"  pin with amethyst.   View   #Q4163

   CORAL and seed pearl 1-3/4" pin.  View   #Q13052 

 10 KARAT gold and amethyst lace 1-1/4" pin.   View  #Q4078



  10 KARAT gold delicate 1-1/2" pin with small diamond.  View   #Q4162

  14k enameled pink and soft yellow flower and seed pearl bar pin, 1-5/16". Circa 1910.  View   #G23230

  10 KARAT bar pin with my Great Aunt's initials on it, "CBN" for Cornelia Bennett Negley.   View   View   #QCBN


DIAMOND brilliant solitaire ring set into an elegant 14k white gold four-pronged ring, size 7-3/4 and the diamond is about .85 carats, or about 1/4" across the top. The diamond is non-fluorescent, G-I color, estimated at .88 carats, 6-19 by 6.27 x 3.75 mm. The setting is 14k white gold and it's brand new. The spread table of this diamond indicates it is circa 1960-70s. There is a natural cavity on the diamond under one prong which doesn't detract in any way as it cannot be seen except under magnification. Wonderful brilliant sparkle in this very nice diamond in excellent condition!  View   View   View   View  #K39712 EMERALD Deco pendant necklace with diamonds in a 14 karat white gold setting. It is a natural emerald and the diamonds are single cut. The emerald is about 13 karats and the diamonds are .07 total weight, VS to SI in color and I to J in color. The total weight with the chain is about 6.88 grams. The clasp currently on it is silver plated, but that catch in one of the photos also came with it and it is 14 karat white gold, so I bet it was the original one, and it will be included.  View   View   View   #G39715 DIAMOND, platinum and 18k white and yellow gold bar brooch or scarf pin. The platinum and 18k top is set with diamonds in different cuts with a total weight of .44 carats. The center diamond is an Old European cut, as are some of the other diamonds, and some are rose cuts. The total weight of this piece is about 6.699 grams. This has a curve that would allow a scarf to be run through it, so it could be worn similar to a tie bar. The tube catch like this started being used about 1895 in the US, but this could be a bit later. The diamonds include: 3.0mm = 1.0 EC center .04 ct 1.7 sc II = .04 1.5 rose cut II = .03 1.4 - 1.5 sc x 8 = .04 1.0mm rose cuts x8 =.04 1.3 rose, 1.3 single = .02 0.7-1.5 rose cuts x 6 = .09 est total .44 carat View   View   View     #K39663


EDWARDIAN 14k yellow gold diamond and sapphire pierced earrings, marked "14k" on the screws and tests 14k, 1". The two sapphires are  a little over  .80 total weight and the 26 diamonds are old single cuts about 1.15 total weight, J-L color I-2. Estimated age first half 20th century.    View   #V34435

MOSS AGATE 15ct moss agate bar brooch in it's box, a lovely natural stone set in 15 karat yellow gold, 3-1/4" by 3/4". The natural design in the agate looks almost like an under sea scene.  View   View   View   View   #V38221

ENGLISH enameled pansy 9 carat yellow gold necklace with red enameled flowers with pearl centers set in a heart. This is hallmarked for Sheffield, 375 for 9 ct gold and I think the maker's mark is, "S&R" or "S&B". The date letter is for the 1920s I think, it is very tiny and hard to read, and there are two other marks I cannot see at all. The pendant is 1" by 7/8" and  the chain, marked "375", is 17" long.  View   #Q38218



   EDWARDIAN  14k white gold filigree bracelet with diamond and sapphires, carved crystal panels, 6-1/2" by 5/8".   View   View   View   View   #Q23420

   EDWARDIAN DIAMOND 2-1/4" filigree 14 karat 2-1/4" bar pin with a delicate swirled design.   View   View   #Q14551

   EDWARDIAN 14k white gold rectangular embossed links 7-3/4" bracelet with 5/8" starburst diamond and crystal center. View View #Q50462    


  EDWARDIAN 14k yellow gold, pearl and diamond bar pin, 1-1/4". #Q27587

   10K YELLOW GOLD black enameled porcelain floral 1-5/8" brooch circa 1900.   View   #V24932 

    EDWARDIAN 10k yellow gold bar pin with sapphires and seed pearls, 1-1/2". View #Q26650 


   EDWARDIAN 10k yellow gold delicately enameled watch brooch with seed pearls and blue stone, circa 1900, 1-1/8".   View  #Q28688  

     14k YELLOW and rose gold roses 2-1/3" bar pin ad 16-1/2" by 1-1/2" necklace with paperclip chain.   View   View   View   View   #G29802 

14K GOLD Edwardian  yellow gold and pearl circle pin, 7/8".   View   #K27852


10K yellow gold bar pin with amethyst center stone, a lovely simplicity, 2-1/2".   View   #Q60582

RING 10k yellow gold purple faceted glass oval, size 7-3/4, 1/3" front.   #G60587

EDWARDIAN 14k white gold filigree bar brooch with blue enameling and center diamond, 2-1/4".   View   View   #Q60609


DIAMOND, platinum and 18k white and yellow gold bar brooch or scarf pin in a box.
The platinum and 18k top is set with diamonds in different cuts total weight .44 carats. The center diamond is an Old European cut, as are some of the other diamonds, and some are rose cuts. The total weight of this piece is about 6.699 grams. This has a curve that would allow a scarf to be run through it, so it could be worn similar to a tie bar. The tube catch like this started being used about 1895 in the US.
The diamonds include:
3.0mm = 1.0
EC center .04 ct
1.7 sc II = .04
1.5 rose cut II = .03
1.4 - 1.5 sc x 8 = .04
1.0mm rose cuts x8 =.04
1.3 rose, 1.3 single = .02
0.7-1.5 rose cuts x 6 = .09
est total .44 carat
View   View   View   #K39663
PEARL, diamonds and sterling necklace with a double strand of Akoya cultured Japanese salt water Baroque semi-pearls, approximately  22" long. It has a with a beautiful flower or starburst sterling and diamond clasp. From the 1950-60s ,these pearls are graduated from 5mm to 9.33 graduated, and there are .25 carat of diamonds in the clasp, IJ color S-I to I-1 clarity. Other than one black mark on the one string where an enhancer would have been used, this necklace is in excellent vintage condition and a lovely length to wear.   View   View    #G39720




BLISTER PEARL pear- shaped pearl, ruby and diamonds necklace enhancer in 14k yellow gold. It has 13 diamonds that are .15 total weight and they are single cut I-1 to I-2 clarity I-J color. Stamped and tests 14k, total weight of the piece is 23.7 grams. A lovely addition to a pearl necklace, and in excellent condition.   View     View    and d shows them together    #G39719






RETRO 1940s gooseneck chains necklace of 14k yellow gold with three front strands, wearable length 14-1/2" with 3/16" wide chains, marked "14k" on the clasp, lays beautifully on the neck, weight 50.82 grams. It's in excellent condition and a real beauty.   View   View   View   #K39337

L+E diamonds and 14 karat yellow gold bee pin, 1" by 3/4", a buzzing beauty! It is marked 14k and initials, .13 ozs. and in excellent condition.   View   #F39042

SLIDE bracelet in 14 karat yellow gold with 8 different links, each decorated with a different stone. The stones include lapis, amethyst, carnelian, dyed green chalcedony, citrine, turquoise and a sea shell cameo. Each link is marked "14K" on the back, and the wearable length is 7". The widest link is 3/16" and it weights 1.64 oz. In excellent condition and with interesting links.    View   View   View   View   #K39338


EDWARDIAN 14k diamond and pearls pin that has a loop for a chain to be worn as a pendant, too. It is 1-1/4" wide, marked "14k" on the catch, and the catch style is circa 1910. The center diamond is 3.6mm or .17 carat, VS2 clarity GH color. What a lovely piece in excellent condition.  View    #K39339 EDWARDIAN 14k bow pin with a blue Zirconia center and platinum tips on the bow, 1-1/2" by 1", marked what I think is "SEC" on the back with a 14k mark. This is circa 1910 and in excellent condition.   View   View   View   #K39340 LAPIS and 10 karat gold pendant with a carved figure mounted on an oval quartz slab, all mounted in 10k yellow gold with a 14k bail and an overlaid carved lapis lady and pagoda, marked on the top of the bail "585 14k", it is 2-1/3" by 1-13/4". An Asian beauty in a wonderful color of blue, and in excellent condition.   View   View     #G39716 


    18K yellow gold engraved leaves and Brazilian citrine, 6-3/4" by 3/4" bracelet.


  18K yellow gold engraved leaves and Brazilian citrine, 6-3/4" by 3/4" bracelet, size 7-3/4 ring with 7/8" front and 3/4" clip back earrings, circa 1940.   View   View   View   View   View   View   View   View

DECO citrine set in 9 carat yellow gold screw back earrings with box, circa 1930, earrings 1-1/4" long.   View   View   View   View  #Q32987


 AMETHYST carved amethyst grapes motif pendant set in 14 karat yellow gold and on a 14k chain, pendant 1-1/8" and chain 22".  View  #G17865   

  EARRINGS France 18k gold tone earrings with ruby, sapphire and emerald cabochons, 2-1/2".  View View View #Y24985

  VICTORIAN 14k yellow gold amethyst ring with inset rose and diamond, circa 1890, size 7-1/4. The lavender stone is frosted with wear, but still lovely. (See Bell's "Collecting Victorian Jewelry" page 104). View   #K28037


14k YELLOW GOLD and mother-of-pearl clasp with four strand of real pink fresh water pearls necklace, 31".   View    #G60401  CLASSIC real pearls necklace of 1/4" down to 1/8" pearls, sterling clasp, 17-1/2".   View   #Y60425 GENUINE pearls of slightly oblong shape with round silver and clear rhinestone claps, 16", each pearl is 1/4".   #Y60464


  STERLING and rose cut diamonds hand made necklace with detachable brooch center, European trombone catch, 15-1/2" with 2-1/3" front drop..   View   View   View   View   View   #V28164

EARRINGS 14k yellow gold and blue glass earrings with gold fleur-de-lis designs embossed on the blue cabochons and lovely wire work, marked faintly on the back "14k", 2" total length, approximately .29 ounces total weight.   View   View   #V34626   

 STERLING and 18k gold with sapphire cabochons owl 16-1/2" by 1/2" necklace and pierced 5/8" earrings with sapphires and pearls, "925 750 (18k yellow gold) hallmark".   View   View   View   View   View   View   View   View   View   #N29456


TIFFANY 14k yellow gold knot cufflinks, marked "Tiffany & Co 14k", 1" each and approximately .64 ounces.   View   #G63157 PEARL 14k yellow gold and pearl hinged bracelet with a lovely scrolled design on the sides, marked "14K' on the catch, smaller size at 6-1/4" and about 1/2" wide at the front and 1/8" at the back, .43 ozs, circa 1970's.   View   View   #G34238 CUFFLINKS yellow gold cufflinks, 1" and approximately .58 ounces.   View   #G63161 


DIAMOND 14k earrings with mine cut diamonds set in 14k yellow gold with pierced screw-on findings, folded-back petal settings, 1/2" wide, marked on the back the hand etched number "16", the meaning of which I don't know. The posts are a bit thick, so not for those with small holes.   View   #V37540

DIAMOND 14k earrings in 6-sided settings, brilliant cut diamonds set in 14K yellow gold with pierced screw-on findings, 5-1/6" wide, marked on the back "14k" and the hand etched number "5", and the posts are a bit thick, so not for those with small holes.   View   #V37539

 DIAMOND 14k earrings set into white gold heart shapes in the center of a tiny flower, pierced screw-on findings and the posts are a bit thick, so not for those with small holes, 1/3" wide, marked 14k and the hand etched number "6".   View   #V37538


IVORY necklace with diamonds set in 18 karat yellow gold. This has 20 full cut diamonds around the orb center piece, each diamond about 1 point SI color I-M, and it is 16" wearable length.     View   #G65490 18 KARAT and Persian turquoise 18k yellow gold pendant with a beautiful engraved design, 2" long, marked in the loop "750" and on the watch back "18k". The watch is a Harmond 17 jewel, but watch itself is NOT working, so this is being priced as just a lovely pendant, not a watch.   View   View   #G63097 ENAMEL 14k enameled double pansy pendant with pearls and a ruby, pendant 1-1/8" long and 16" chain. The pendant is not marked  and the chain is marked "14k", but both test as 14 karat gold. The ruby is pronged in place, one pearl is pronged and glued in place and one is glued, both as made originally.     View   View   #F38235


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