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Welcome to the beauty, history and art that is vintage jewelry. We buy and sell vintage rhinestone, costume, designer, bakelite, and antique Georgian & Victorian jewelry, sterling, and accessories.
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Vintage Watches


EDWARDIAN Art Nouveau18k yellow gold open face pendant watch set with a bezel set old mine cut diamond (est. .05 ct, VS, G-1), heavily embossed with cherubs and flowers, suspended from a watch pin of enameled griffons (or dragons) and a crown. The pin is delicately enameled with a griffons and crown motif and is set with a ruby (2.0mm purplish-red), five 2.0mm pearls, one old mine cut diamond (est. .04 ct, VS, G-1), six old mine cut diamonds (est. weight from .01 ct to .02 ct, VS, G-1) and one central fresh water pearl (9.0mm by 7.0mm). The watch is 1" across; the watch pin is 1" by 1". The watch case is engraved on the inside from a father to his daughter on Christmas with a name and, "... from Father Dec. 25/1904". The case is marked "Swiss, A.W., K14, 127911" and a squirrel hallmark. There are no numbers or marks on the works.   View   View   View   View    #V24861  

ART NOUVEAU 14 karat yellow gold watch pin with enameled griffons and crown, diamonds and ruby and a fresh water free form pearl center as well as five round pearls in the crown, circa 1900. The pin is delicately enameled with a serpents (dragons, griffins) and crown motif and is set with a natural ruby (2.0mm slightly purplish-red), five 2.0mm pearls, seven European cut diamonds (est. .11 ct total weight, S-1 to I-1, H-J), and one central fresh water inverted pearl shaped pearl (9.0mm by 8.0mm). Lightly engraved "47/18" on the back.     View


 ELGIN 14k yellow gold lady's pendant 1-1/3" watch with 1-1/3" watch holder brooch with black enameling. Works marked "Elgin U.S.A., 15386609" size Os, circa 1910. Case marked "Keystone Co. 14k, 5120061".   View   View   #w25029





  ELGIN lady's open face 14 karat yellow gold pocket watch engraved with the initials "AJK", my grandmother Agnes Jeanette King (Negley). Circa 1910, the case is 1-1/8" wide. Works marked "Lady Elgin 15 jewel, 15809622". Size 5/Os. Case marked "Keystone Co. 14k, 585 fine, 5216627". View   #w20423

ART NOUVEAU 14 karat yellow gold polychrome enamel, pearl and diamond wreath watch pin pendant circa 1900. There is slight enamel damage on one side, invisible without a 10x loupe. The dog's tooth shaped freshwater pearl is accented by three European diamonds (total weight approx. .03 carat each). The catch is a safety style, with roll-over closure, and the bail swivels to be hidden when not in use.   View   #Q25030

ELGIN yellow gold 1-1/3" pocket watch with engraved bird and stars design on one side and flowers and stars design on the other, circa 1900.   View   View   #w50715


 ELGIN Victorian antique 14 karat yellow gold pendant or pocket watch with the engraved initials "CVW" on one side, circa 1890. There is still a Keystone paper inside  the case (see photo). It is a manual wind watch with a second hand and it is 1-1/3" wide and marked 14k in the case. On the other side of the case is a marvelous etched design of a house in a landscape with flowers, leaves and other designs all around it, and on the other side are the initials "CVW" inside a sunflower with flowers and leaves all the way around. The case has the number "1258263ks". It is an open faced Swiss cylinder 10 jewel watch. It has just been professionally restored and keeps good time.  View   View   View   #w40018 VICTORIAN Swiss antique 18k yellow gold pendant or pocket watch with the most beautiful purple enameled violets and green leaves on the front, accented with 4 little diamonds. There's a "61" mark on the inside, and a 1-1/3" wide case and 14k marked yellow gold 24" chain marked "Aco". It is a manual wind movement with 15 jewels, a second hand, hunting case serial #1258263.   View   View   View   #w40017




 VICTORIAN as-is antique 18k yellow gold, diamonds and enameled antique circa 1875 Swiss watch with colorful enameled flowers including morning glories. The diamonds are Old Mine Cuts, , and the watch has no maker's name on the face. The serial number is 28151 and it is a Swiss movement with 15 jewels. It is 1" wide and 1-1/3" length from the top to the bottom. It has the Viennese "W" mark. It is a hunting case with a manual wind. NOTE: This watch it does NOT keep time so a buyer would have to love it for it's beautiful case, and not as a timepiece. As old as it is, it's more than doubtful that parts could be found to repair it. It is 18 karat yellow gold and has the horse head mark (which is 1850-1919), and the movement was made by Brevete.   View  View  View      #w40016


      LADY'S 14 karat gold pocket watch with wonderful floral and ribbon enameling on the case and an open cartouche, circa 1910.  View    View    #w18611    

 BOUVET FLEURIER Chinese market watch (or La Montre Chinoise) with floral enameled case surrounded by seed pearls, circa 1830, suspended from a mosaic bar brooch, circa 1900.   View   View   View    #w28545

  VICTORIAN Art Nouveau gold tone fob chatelaine with graduated disks with lady faces motif, 4-5/8" with 5" chain.   View   View    #V28384   


 ELGIN 14k yellow gold case watch marked with the number "138261159", circa 1908, 1-1/4", newly cleaned and working.   View   #w26047  

  ELGIN USA yellow gold filled open face pocket watch engraved on back "MEN", inside of case says, "S.W.C. Co. 20 years, 1670025", marked on the works inside "16563744" so circa 1912,  1-1/4" across. Keeps time.   View   #w28541 

     OMEGA yellow gold pocket watch, marked inside back of case "C.W.C Co. Trade Mark,  1363390, Guaranteed Crescent 25 years", and on works 15 jewels", 1-1/3". Keeps time.   View   View  #w28585


VICTORIAN 14k watch chain with black enameling on slides, marked inside hook "14", total length 9-1/2", weight .53ozs. The hook is marked inside "14k".    View   #V34600

VICTORIAN hair unusually woven watch chain and gold filled fob and fittings, 11-1/2" total length.   View   View   #V34570

  VICTORIAN 9 karat rose gold Albertina watch chain bracelet with each link faceted and etched with scallops,  weight .71ozs, 8" long and 1/8" wide, marked "9ct" on hook . This was once a man's watch chain, remade in it's past to be worn as a bracelet. Similar pieces can be seen in the 1887 E. V. Roddin Catalogue View   #V34590


HEARTS charming hand painted porcelain hearts watch fob, 3" long and 1-1/8" at the widest. The top part would hook to your clothing and the hook at the end of the chain would hold a small watch or locket. In excellent condition and probably from the turn of the last century to the 1930s.   View   #V39667


WALTHAM antique 1907 pendant or pocket watch in a yellow gold filled case,  1-1/3" wide. The numbers are a beautiful shade of blue, and it also has it's second hands. It is a 1907 manual wind watch in an open faced case with 15 jewels, serial #8895074. It has been professionally restored and keeps time but is slow. The back of the case has a very shallow dent, so shallow it is hard to see except against a raking light.   View  #w40019

WALNUT LOCKET fob in14 karat yellow gold. It is a watch chain with a walnut locket end that is marked "14k" inside the loop. It also tests 14k, both the chain and the walnut shell, and the hook end is marked "14k". The total length of the chain is 5", and the walnut alone is 3/4". Inside it has a faded photo of a sweet little girl with a big bow in her hair, but beware of opening it too far because the hinge can break. The total weight of this is about .30 ounces.   View   View   #w40120  


DECO platinum single cut diamond and sapphire ladies wrist watch. Marked "platinum" inside the case, as well as a bench mark of "1/27/03". Case 1-1/2" by 5/8", woven black strap 6-5/8".  View   View   View   #w28751 VICTORIAN wax stamp watch fob in gold tone with the message "for particulars inquire within" carved into caramel glass on the end, face 3/4" by 5/8" and 1-1/8" top to bottom. The finish on this is in excellent condition, and even the glass end has only a few signs of wear on it, typical for it's age. And what a fun message!   View   View   #V39846 HAMILTON Deco diamonds and 14k white gold 1930's ladies manual wind wristwatch in excellent condition. It is gorgeous with about 40 small diamonds in a step-sided style case with a black fabric cord band. The watch face is 1-1/2" by 5/8" and band is 6-1/3". It is marked "14K" on the back of the case. On the back of the works is marked, "Hamilton, 17 jewel, movement 750, serial #675159A". Recently serviced, it ticks and keeps time. A true beauty!   View   View   View   #w40130  


  ELGIN advertisement for watch #w20426  View   View

ELGIN Parisienne  by Callot Deco14k ladies wrist watch in a 14 karat white gold case with two single cut bezel set diamonds. It is a manual wind watch on a black cord band with fold-over clasp, which closes snugly. This 15 jewel wristwatch was one of three circa 1928 Elgin "Parisiennes" designed models by Callot. Numbered "33241692" inside, the case is 5/8" by 1", and the wearable size is just under 6". Back at that time, the watch sold for $75.00, a lot of money in the 30's! The watch has been recently serviced so it runs and keeps time. The black enameling in the grooves on the watch case is still in place. Included is the original  ELGIN paper  magazine advertisement for this watch seen here  View.    View   View   View  View    #w20426

ELGIN watches ad.



NIELLO German sterling ladies wrist watch with a Niello checkerboard case front and an arrow motif on the links. It has an engine turned face; a maker's mark on one link "*H-K*"; marked inside back of case "Fuxia, Swiss" and the numbers "0935" for German sterling and a lion rampant with a tiny letter B beside it. It has been recently serviced and keeps time, and it is also marked "Fuxia, Swiss, 7 jewel, two adjust". The case is 1-1/8", and it has a baby-tooth sized shallow dent in the back and the band is also Neillo, and adjustable from 6-1/2" to 7" and is 1/8" wide. Some of the links are mashed a bit.  "Niello" is a process in which a darker metal is inlaid into lighter colored sterling silver, creating wonderful intricate patterns.     View   View  View plus more    #w28467

CINER Deco sterling, black enamel and marcasite lapel watch. It which would be worn upside-down from how it is shown in the picture and it is hinged, so that the wearer could tip it up to read the time. It is 1-5/8" by 5/8" and keeps good time.   View   View   #w16430






  BULOVA Deco white gold filled and green pastes ladies manual wind wrist watch, circa 1930 with 15 jewels. It is marked on the inside back of the case "Bulova patented June 10, 1924, 0097602". Green glass stones decorate each side of the face, and a green cabochon tops the winding stem. This is beautifully engraved with the initials "MRS" on the back. It's on a Kestenmade silver tone watch band that is 6" by 1/8" wide with watch face 1" by 5/8". It ticks and seems to keep time, although it is slow.   View   View   View   View  #w20424

IOCO 18 karat white gold Deco case wristwatch with tiny sapphires, blue enameling and a blue cabochon on the winding stem. Marked inside on the works, "IOCO Watch Co Swiss, 17 jewels". Engraved with the initials "LY" on the back. The watch band is a perfect match in style but is silver tone, not karat gold. It has sapphire-colored glass stones, one on each side, and is marked behind the clasp of the band, "Anne Elaine, 7.1728, 1-1012k", a smaller size at 5-5/8" by 1/8" with 1" by 3/4" watch face.   View   View   #w20425

  ELGIN ladies wristwatch with engraved design, initials on back "S.E.I.", filigree band, a smaller size at 5-1/2" around the inside and 1/8" wide, circa 1920. Inside back of case marked "Illinois Watch Case Company Elgin, 14k gold filled, cased and timed by Egin National Watch Company, 8405635". Numbered on works "32714790". Band marked "Lustern,  1-20 12k patent applied for".   View   View    #w2658



  VICTORIAN Masonic 5/8" clock watch fob on 15" chain.   View   #V17046

VICTORIAN pocket watch key with faceted carnelian top, 1-5/8" including loop.    #V28682 

  MONTAUK ladies Deco style gold filled pendant/wrist watch, engraved initials "TEC", Marvin Swiss inside, case 1".   View   #w32163



WATCH collection of early 20th Century watches, circa 1920-30. 

 ELGIN pocket watches from my husband's father.  

ELGIN watches ad 1935
"She said it for a lifetime."  




 WATCH chain in gold filled metal with a button on one end and a swivel hook for a watch on the other, total length 7". These can be seen, among other places, in the 1923 Schwab Catalogue where they are called coat chains HERE.   #V38454

1923 Schwab Catalogue
Coat chains, which have a button on one end and a swivel hook on the other.

WATCH chain in gold filled metal with a button on one end and a swivel hook for a watch on the other, total length 8". These can be seen, among other places, in the 1923 Schwab Catalogue where they are called "coat chains" HERE.  #V38455   




 WATCH pastel blue enameled 2" pendant watch embellished with artificial pearls and marcasites on a 20" sterling and marcasite chain, ticks when wound and keeps time, but as with all old watches, may need to be checked and cleaned in the future.  View   View   View   #w26173

STERLING Rotary 17 jewel wrist watch, adjustable from 6" to 6-1/2", face is 5/8" wide, circa 1950.   View   #w32185

   EVKOB Deco marcasite pendant watch, ticks when wound, 1 5/8" with 16" sterling chain.   View   View   #w11134



   STERLING Lady Racine sterling open face pocket watch, 935, 1-1/3" case. It has an enamel face and second hand. Marked inside the case "Lady Racine, JG .935, 513204, with 2 hallmarks of lion rampant. Works marked only "Switzerland". This watch was just cleaned and keeps time.   View   View   #w25838 

HELBROS Deco style ladies wrist watch with clear rhinestones, working condition, 6-1/4".  View   View   #w261420 

  STERLING Lady Racine sterling pocket watch, 935, engraved "Bertha" on the front, 1-1/3" case. It has an enamel face and second hand. Marked inside the case "Lady Racine, JG .935, 513286, with two hallmarks of lion rampant. Works marked only "Switzerland". This watch was just cleaned and keeps time.   View    View    View   View   View    View     #w25839


 CINER Deco ladies wristwatch with a yellow step-sided Deco style glass case and a pink band, all as is.   View   View   #K38666

CINER Deco wristwatch with a step-sided crystal case, sadly now broken. I have yet to see another like it.   View   #w33139 

WATCH Retro style gold filled watch on karat gold pin, flip-up style.    View   #w63333    


  Watch ad from the 1920's

   This is my husband's Aunt Bea in her graduation picture wearing a Deco wrist watch.   Closer view    

  ELGIN Deco 14k white gold case watch on an older flexible band. Engraved "BMD  1927" on the back, size 5-3/4" and 1/2" wide, case 1" by 1".    View    #w584
ELGIN Deco wristwatch  View   #w584


 ELGIN wristwatches from the 1940's

    EVKOB Deco marcasite pendant watch, 1 5/8" with 16" sterling chain.   View   View   #w11134

Wrist watch ad.




    BUCHERER silver 7/8" pendant watch with marcasites, original round box, 26" chain. Similar as one seen in Rezazadeh "Collectible Silver Jewelry" page 158.  View   View   View   #w26854    ROBERT style frame with pastel rhinestones on a Cyma wind up clock, 3-1/2" by 4".   View   View   #R26600     ELGIN
"If a friendly service is worth recognizing ~ recognize it fittingly."
IMPERIAL pendant watch in a bakelite butterscotch colored case. It is a 17 jewel watch with a second hand, and it is 1" across the face and 5/8" deep. The case is in excellent condition and the watch winds, but it doesn't work.  View   #w65528 IMPERIAL pendant watch in a beveled glass see-through case with a copper-colored face. This is a 17 jewel watch that is a 3/4" square. It can be wound and it ticks, but it does not keep time.  View   View   View   #w65527 ARUBA Swiss made 17 jewel pendant watch in an aqua guilloche enamel over silver case. It is 3/4" across the face and 5/8" deep. It can be wound and ticks for awhile, but it doesn't keep time.  View   #wwun  
All three watches to show size. All three watches to show size.  



Watch ad from the 1920's

  GENEVA Swiss silver tone pendant watch with clear rhinestones on sterling 22" chain.   #w28957

   TRIFARI Diane Love watch bracelet with an Asian fish motif, watch runs and keeps good time, 7" by 1-1/3".   View   View   View   View   View      #T27834  


BUGS BUNNY 1950s wrist watch with carrot-colored strap, 1-1/4" case and strap fits from 6-1/4" to 7-3/4" wrists.    View   #w18706

BAKELITE Royal Dynasty 17 jewel butterscotch hinged bangle wrist watch, keeps good time, 6-1/3" around the inside, 1-1/8" wide at the front and 1" wide at the back. The face is a milk-chocolate brown with white hands, and it is hinged on the back and opens on the side for ease of wearing.   View   View   #B16583

SHULTZ chrome wristwatch with laminated bakelite insets, 7-1/4" by 1-1/2".  View   View   View   #B31836


  JOHN HARDY men's sterling case watch with red band, basket weave design.   View   #w32151 LUCIEN PICCARD 14k yellow gold wrist watch, numbered on back of case "100968" and marked "14 karat gold". The face is 1" by 1", 6-3/4" long and the band tapers slightly from 1/2".   View   View   View    WATCH  Jean Marcel Swiss made pocket watch with embossed stags hunt scene, 17j, base metal gold tone case, hunt scene front scroll and flower back, 1-7/8" case. Keeping time perfectly.     View   View   #V33137




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